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    Selket is the main antagonist in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict. She enters the tournament to become Empress of the Nahkti people.

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    A distant cousin to Anubis, another competitor in the Unreal Championship 2 Tournament, Selket is a strong woman and an even stronger competitor.  She is always ready and willing to fight, and is confident in all of her skills. She is a descendant of the Jehfar family, and she enters the tournament for a variety of reasons, primarily to become the Empress. She also has interests in exploiting the lucrative efforts of the Liandri Mining Corporation, and will not let things such as ethics keep her from her goal, as she hold little respect for the religion of her own Nakhti people.

    Character Stats:

    Character Weapons:
    Dual Nakhti Swords
    Dual Nakhti Scorpions (hand guns)

    Adrenaline Moves/Abilities:
    Warrior's Spirit (Increases character strength and agility)
    Flash (Blinds nearby enemies)
    Heal (Recovers a small amount of energy)
    Repulse (Deflects incoming energy projectiles)

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