Selma Bouvier

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    Selma is one of Marge's older sisters.

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    Selma is the twin sister to Patty Bouvier and Marge's older sister.

    Like her twin sister Patty , Selma works at DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) a place where motorists in Springfield get their Driver Licenses and their favourite T.V. show is watching MacGyver.

    As Selma has a good relationship with their sisters Marge and Patty , she has a less hatred relationship for her brother-in-law Homer Simpson for marrying Marge as she thinks Homer is not good enough to be her husband because he's lazy, childish and a ignorant pig.

    Unlike her twin sister, Selma has dated a lot men such as her past relationships with Sideshow Bob (Bart's arch-enemy), Troy McClure (Hollywood Movie Actor), Disco Stu, Artie Ziff (Marge's ex-lover) and Fat Tony (Leader of Springfield Mob) and she's currently got an adoptive Chinese daughter Ling Bouvier.


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