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    Selphie Tilmitt

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    Selphie Tilmitt is the third party member you get in Final Fantasy VIII

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    Selphie during the Garden festival
    Selphie during the Garden festival

    Selphie Tilmitt is a transfer student from Trabia Garden where she grew up. As Squall, you first encounter Selphie at Balamb Garden where she asks Squall to give her a tour of the school (because she is still new to Balamb Garden). Selphie is also in charge of organizing the Garden Celebration & the Gardens Website. On a later visit to Trabia Garden we find that Selphie was something of a role-model to her younger peers because of her energetic and optimistic nature. It is quickly revealed while the party is taking a trip via rail that Selphie has an almost fetishistic love of trains. In later parts of the game Selphie takes the role as the pilot of the Ragnarok spaceship.

    Limit Break

    Selphie using her Limit Break
    Selphie using her Limit Break

    Selphie's Limit Break is called Slots. Her Limit break allows her to cast random spells that you might now have for up too 4 times. There are also four special spells that are only available through Selphie's Limit Break. You were able to select "Do Over" a few times if you were not satisfied with the current spell.


    Because of the way the Playstation 1 reads game discs, it was possible to select "Do Over" until you finally got one of her special limit breaks (listed below). Generally speaking the glitch went something like this: 1. Have Selphie go to her Limit Break screen (showing the spell, Do Over and Cast) 2. Pop open the PS1 lid, the CD should still be spinning. 3. Select Do Over until you find a spell that you desire to cast. The battle will not proceed because the disc cannot be read. 4. Once you have the spell you want close the lid and select Cast. This glitch can be used to defeat particularly tough bosses by selecting Do Over until you get "The End", but it can be VERY time consuming.


    In addition to the powerful skills below that Selphie's slots can draw, Selphie can also get higher levels of attack magic (Blizzara, Blizzaga) before the player encounters them in game.

    Full-Cure: Completely restores Party's HP and cures all status effects. [Common}

    Wall: Spell that casts Protect and Shell to all party members. [Kinda Rare]

    Rapture: Rapture attaches angel wings to enemies back and flies them away (dose not work on bosses). [Very Rare]

    The End: This is the rarest limit in the game & one of the best limit breaks. When Selphie casts this spell the enemy is taken to a flower field were it is put to rest

    and the Words "The End" are seen on the bottom right corner of the screen (works against everyone). [Extremely rare]

    Basic Info

    • Age: 17
    • Height: 5’1 1/2 “
    • Blood Type: B
    • Weapon: Nunchaku
    • Ultimate Weapon: Strange Vision
    • Skill/Limit Break: Slot


    Flail Cost: 100 Gill

    Attack: 12

    Hit: 98%

    Items Required: M-Stone Pieces (x2), Bomb Fragment (x1)

    Morning Star Cost: 200 Gill Attack: 15 Hit: 99% Items Required: Steel Orb (x2), Sharp Spike (x2) Crescent Wish Cost: 400 Gill Attack: 20 Hit: 100% Items Required: Inferno Fang (x1), Life Ring (x1), Sharp Spike (x1)

    Strange Vision Cost: 1000 Gill Attack: 25 Hit: 255% Items Required: Adamantine (x1), Star fragment (x3), Curse Spike (x2)


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