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    The Senator is a secret character in Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side. He is a satirical take on US Politicians protesting violent video games in the early 1990s.

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    The Senator is an obvious sprite edit of Larcen Tyler playable only through the use of a cheat code. Despite being an edit, nearly of all his moves are original and are appropriate for his "politician" theme. These include throwing literal red tape and stabbing opponents with a campaign pin badge. As a fatality he can transform into a postal worker that guns down the enemy. His win pose has him either waving a peace sign in the air or putting on a fishing outfit for a photo opportunity. His stage is Washington D.C. As well as The White House, the background includes a fast food restaurant surrounded by secret service agents. One of the two stage fatalities has the victim impaled on the Washington Monument.

    In Game Biography

    Occupation: Politician, or corrupt puppet of the lobbyists

    Time Zone: 1995 AD

    Fighting Style: Dishonesty

    Using deceit and lies the senator can deliver a wide variety of underhanded moves. He can also abuse and misuse the political powers that were given to him. The most dangerous weapon he has is a total lack of morals.

    Biography: The Senator made a living by voting the ways of special interest groups and creating issues to make himself popular. Given his lifetime membership in the good-old-boys club, he was surprised when he wasn't supported by his party for re-election.

    It seems that he once voted for a Human rights issue and his party was angry that humanity was considered above their personal profits. When he lost in a landslide election after spending millions of his own money, he died of a massive heart attack.

    Goal: If the Senator was to recover from his bad case of death by winning the contest, he would attempt to came back and make up for his years of civil abuse, maybe.


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