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    Sentinel: Descendants in Time

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Dec 14, 2004

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    Sentinel: Descendants in Time is a class first person point and click adventure game.  Each of the eight diverse worlds offer a non-linear style of play and vibrant detailed 3D environments. In addition to the over 20 mind-bending puzzles, Sentinel: Descendants in Time has a built-in hint system to aid with the more challenging obstacles if required.


     The tombs of the ancient Tastan people are surrounded in mystery and legend.  Many adventurers have entered seeking treasure and lost technology, but few are ever seen again.  When Beni's sister is kidnapped and taken to the most notorious tomb of them all: he must brave the cavern of the Sleeping Woman. Dormeuse, a holographic projection of the cavern's sentinel AI, may seem friendly enough, but she has her own sinister plans waiting ahead.

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