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    Serana is a major character in the Dawnguard DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and a companion for the player character throughout the expansion.

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    Serana is an ancient vampire of pure-blood that the Dovahkiin finds in Dimhollow Crypt, where she had been trapped for centuries along with her Elder Scroll, right at the beginning of the Dawnguard DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. After taking Serana to the castle of Lord Harkon, a Vampire Lord and her father, the Dovahkiin has the option of either joining the vampires in their quest to rule over Tamriel by fulfilling an ancient prophecy or helping the Dawnguard thwart the plans of the evil vampires. Serana, regardless of the choice of the player, will help the Dovahkiin all throughout the DLC.


    Serana can be described as a very friendly person. She is very open about her past and usually shares intimate details about her life with Dovahkiin. She does, however, have a great deal of loneliness due to her troubled childhood and her mother's exile. She is very resentful towards Valerica for locking her away in a tomb for centuries.

    When she was a young child, Serana was very close with her mother. But this didn't last long as her parents started to fight with each other. Her mother would tell her nothing but negative opinions about her father and she grew to believe them. Serana was never really close with her father, Harkon, before they all became vampires. But once her family started following the Daedric lord Molag Bal, her family begin to grow more and more apart. Her father became increasingly drunk with power, to the point that he saw Serana as only a means to an end that would allow him to gain even more power. Despite this, Serana does have some love for her father.

    Serana is often involved in the conflict between her parents. She thinks that they only see her as a pawn that they constantly use against one another. Serana does wish that they can abandon all of this resentment and become a family once again. But she realizes that this is not possible anymore because of the strife between her parents.

    Serana is very defensive about her vampirism. When Dovakhiin asks her about the ceremony that made her a vampire, she says that she found it to be degrading. Despite this, she doesn't regret becoming a vampire. When asked if she ever wanted to be cured, Serana says no and that she regards her vampirism as a gift more than anything. She does say, however, that she regrets how vampirism has driven her family apart.


    Serana is a Nord female Vampire, indicated by her bright flaming eyes, and wears light vampiric armor with a short cape and an Elven dagger & holster by her left side thigh. She has shoulder length brown-steel hair that has been partially braided. During outdoor sessions she will automatically equip a hood to block potential sunlight damage. Serana prefers to use magic & spells, accompanied with necromancy. As a vampire she will also use Vampiric Drain to drain the Health of an opponent & to heal herself. She is a lonely young woman that can sporadically touch and interact with objects around her if she is left alone.

    Spells & Abilities

    In combat Serana will be using for the most part her disposal of spells. Since she is a vampire she will be using her ranged Vampiric Drain spell quite often as a reliable tactic. For her other hand she will be using either her elven dagger if the enemy is close, or ice spike & Lightning bolt magic spells. As a vampire Serana is extensively skilled in necromancy so she will try to reanimate the dead once she is able to do so, making it very helpful in overunned scenarios that could potentially turn the tides.


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