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    Serge is the silent protagonist of Chrono Cross, the sequel to the legendary Chrono Trigger. Serge is a young man who suddenly finds himself shifted from one universe to another, where no one recognizes him and "Serge" is the name of a little boy who drowned years ago.

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    Basic Information

    Serge is the silent protagonist of Chrono Cross. He lives a very simple life in the small fishing village of Arni. Serge lives alone with his mother. He often helps his friend Leena look after the children of the village. In battle, Serge's innate color is white, and he wields dual-bladed weapons called "swallows".



    At the beginning of Chrono Cross, Serge is asked by his friend Leena to gather Komodo dragon scales from the local beach in order to make a necklace for her. Serge agrees to help, and he sets off to look for the dragon scales. After the player has collected the dragon scales, Serge heads to Opassa Beach with Leena, but is suddenly transported to an alternate dimension. Serge explores his surroundings, and eventually finds his own grave at the tip of Cape Howl. Serge is then attacked by two incompetent Acacia Dragoons. He is assisted by Kid, who is a member of the legendary thieves guild “The Radical Dreamers”. Kid informs him that in this dimension, the Acacia Dragoons are seeking to capture him, under the orders of a man named Lynx.

    Main Story

    Kid plans an expedition to Viper Manor, the headquarters of the Dragoons, in order to find out why Serge is being searched for, and to look for the legendary Frozen Flame. Once inside the mansion, Serge and Kid confront Lynx and discover an artifact called the Dragon's Tear, but there is no sign of their true quarry. Kid is injured by a poisoned knife during their escape and falls ill. The player can choose whether Serge will go on a journey to save Kid, but she will survive no matter which path Serge follows. After Kid recovers, Serge and his friends set out to put a stop to Lynx's plans. Once again, this turns out to be a trap, and Lynx uses the Dragon's Tear to switch bodies with Serge. While Serge is trapped in Lynx's body, he learns many things about his past. He finds out that Lynx wanted to switch bodies with him was because he is a “Chrono Trigger”. Lynx needed the body of a Chrono Trigger to gain access to the Frozen Flame.


    Serge and company once again take up the cause of stopping Lynx, but first Serge needs to regain his own body. He finds a way to become reborn and sheds Lynx’s body. Serge enters Chronopolis in order to confront Lynx. Serge defeats Lynx and the supercomputer FATE. The remaining portion of Chrono Cross focuses largely on the story of Kid and Schala.


    As a child, Serge was attacked by a panther demon and poisoned. Serge became deathly ill and his father, Wazuki, along with his friend Miguel try to travel to Marbule in order to save Serge’s life. On the way to Marbule, a terrible storm throws them off course and they end up in Chronopolis. Serge is exposed to the Frozen Flame in Chronopolis, and it cures his poison. Once the storm had passed, Serge was listed by the Prometheus Circuit as an “ Arbiter of Time”. The Arbiter of Time is the highest rank of security within Chronopolis, and this grants Serge access to the Flame. Lynx becomes aware of this fact and is doubly invested in Serge because he needs access to a “Chrono Trigger” to travel between dimensions, and needs the “Arbiter of Time” to gain access to the Frozen Flame. Since Serge was the only one with access to the Flame, he hindered FATE’s control of the El Nido archipelago. FATE downloaded itself into Wazuki when he looked into the flame so that it could regain control of the artifact. FATE transformed Wazuki into Serge’s worst fear, and made him a Panther-like demi-human. In the alternate dimension that Serge unknowingly travels to, he drowned as a small child at the hands of Lynx. It is revealed much later that Serge's home dimension was created when Kid traveled back in time after the events of the game and prevented Serge from drowning.

    Tech Attacks

    Level 3: Dash & Slash- Serge performs a quick running slash, dealing damage to one enemy.

    Level 5: Luminaire- Serge creates a sphere of light and brings it down on the enemy. This tech is unlocked when you reach star level 15. It also appears as one of Crono's techniques in Chrono Trigger.

    Level 7: Flying Arrow- Serge floats into the sky and creates an aura that rains arrows down on all enemies. The size of the aura differs depending on what weapon is equipped. This tech is unlocked when you reach star level 35.


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