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    Sergeant Cross

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    A sergeant in the Rockport City Police Department and later a bounty hunter, Sergeant Cross serves as one of the player's main antagonists in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Need for Speed: Carbon.

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    In Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Sergeant Cross is the head of the Rockport City Police Department's Street Racing Division. He first encounters the player soon after the start of the game and takes an immediate dislike to the player, vowing to take down him, the Blacklist and the entire Rockport City street racing scene. He attempts to arrest the player but is forced to let them go (though not before keying the player's car) when he is called to a police chase elsewhere in the city. Cross ends up arresting the player when they lose their BMW M3 GTR to Clarence "Razor" Callahan in the fixed pink slip race but is forced to let them go due to a lack of evidence. Cross continues to harass the player with threatening messages throughout the game. When the player wins the final Blacklist race against Razor and gets their old ride back, Cross sets the entire Rockport City PD on them in a final attempt to arrest them. After a few minutes of a special Level 6 pursuit, Mia Townsend tells the player about the old broken bridge leading out of town, which the player then uses to escape Rockport City.

    In Need for Speed: Carbon, Cross seems to have left the police force and is now working as a freelance bounty hunter. He first encounters the player while they are driving back into Palmont City through the canyon road. A chase ensues, which result's in the player's M3 GTR getting wrecked. But before Cross can take the player in, the player's old friend Darius shows up to rescue the player and seemingly pay off Cross. Cross's final appearance in the game and in the series occurs after Darius's betrayal, where the player's ex-girlfriend Nikki agrees to pay Cross for the player's bounty in return for the player's freedom.

    Cross makes a brief vocal cameo in Need for Speed Payback where he is heard in an audio recording expressing disgust at the level of corruption in Fortune Valley, to the point that he says that he is heading back to Rockport.


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