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    Sergeant Redford

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    Sergeant Redford is a character in the single player campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company. He is the leader of the squad (Bad Company) the player joins upon starting the game.

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    A screen capture from
    A screen capture from "Redford's Blog", a promotional video released prior to the game.
    Sergeant Redford is the leader of Marlowe's squad, and he is arguably the most normal soldier of the team apart from Preston himself. Redford says he had pride in serving his nation at one stage, but has since grown tired of army life. Redford is the only soldier to request a transfer into Bad Company, and during the original game, he explains that he did so to have his time in the army reduced. He says he plans to retire and enjoy life. One of the things he wants to do in this drive is to fish. At the start of Bad Company, he says that his retirement is only three days away. The irony of this is that his retirement is constantly delayed owing to the fact that Bad Company keep receiving new missions.

    Bad Company

    During the events of Bad Company, Sergeant Redford is reluctant to partake in dangerous missions, owing to his oncoming retirement. However, this idea is destroyed owing to the fact Sweetwater finds the corpse of a mercenary. This mercenary is one of 'The Legionaires', and they are an extremely secretive, and powerful, private military. When Sweetwater mentions that the mercenaries are meant to be paid in gold bars, Haggard inspects the body and finds a small piece of gold on it. This action leads to an urge to find the rest of the gold. Inadvertently the group stumble upon some of the trucks owned by The Legionaires. As the trucks travel across the border, Haggard pursues and enters a neutral nation. Without thinking Redford pursues him, and is partially responsible for invading the nation of Serdaristan. Owing to this fact he is discharged from the army immediately. Redford is angered by this, but calms himself and tells the group they are now all going rogue, as 'they won't be getting any damned medals now'. When Sweetwater says that he is technically not the leader anymore, he intimidates him to the point where the group agree that they should remain with Redford calling the shots.

    Manual Description

    This is the official description of Sergeant Redford, as provided in the game manual.

    "Sergeant Samuel D. Redford reporting for duty. They tell me I'm the first soldier ever to be transferred to Bad Company on my own request. Doesn't surprise me. Ths outfit has the highest mortality rate in the Army. We're just target practice for the enemy, really. 
    Believe me, I know we're playing against the odds. But if the deal I made means I can get out of this damned war, then it's worth the risk. You know, I used to love the Army. I was proud to serve my country. Not any more. A couple weeks more, and I'm out of here. The only things I'm planning to fight then are marlin and bluefin tuna."


    Promotional Material

    Before the release of Bad Company, each character had a 'video blog' released. The video sh
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    ows some of each character's own personality, and Redford's shows some of his own personality through his video. His video shows Redford sitting on a rock in a desert area during a war, talking calmly to the camera despite the action and explosions ongoing. Redford's video opens up with his information, such as his serial. He also covers his distrust of Sweetwater and Haggard, as they are 'more likely to kill each other than kill the enemy'. Redford's video is the shortest of the video blogs, and shows his lack of passion for his current job.

    Bad Company 2

    In Bad Company 2, Redford is still planning for his retirement, which is repeatedly put off by attacks caused by the Russians. However, this is put off owing to the fact that Bad Company are being sent on more suicidal tasks, and are expected
    Sergeant Redford: front and center.
    Sergeant Redford: front and center.
    to help prevent an attack from the Russians. Redford remains in charge of the team during this, and during the game he mentions his lack of skill with computers. On the mission 'Sangre del Toro', Redford mutters to himself:

    I knew I should have taken that adult education class. Maybe I'd even know Pointpoint too. 

    Manual Description

    Below is the official description of Sergeant Redford, from the game manual.

    Sergeant Samuel D. Redford is the only soldier to actually request transfer to Bad Company. Some paint that decision as crazy or suicidal, but Sarge has his reasons. He used to buy into the whole military lifestyle, Mom and Apple Pie, all of it.. Not anymore. Not after Sadiz.

    For players who have played the original game, they may recognize Sadiz. Sadiz was the final location in the game, and was where the group found the gold, as well as killed The Legionaire. Unfortunately as they tried to steal the gold, they were forced back into military life.


    • In the original Bad Company, Redford uses an M416. In Bad Company 2, he uses an XM8 Prototype with an ACOG Scope.
    • According to the manuals, his Christian name is Samuel. However, according to the video blog, his first name is Clarence.

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