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    Sergei Gurlukovich

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    Father of Olga Gurlukovich and leader of a Russian mercenary group who seeks to bring Russia back to power.

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    Sergei Gurlukovich is a secondary character in the Metal Gear Solid storyline.  He is the leader of a Russian mercenary group and father of Olga Gurlukovich.  His primary goal is restoring Russia's dominance in the world theater through military might.  To that end, he seeks the technological upper-hand of a Metal Gear.

    Metal Gear Solid

    Though he doesn't appear in person, Gurlukovich provides aid to Liquid Snake in the rebellion on Shadow Moses Island in 2005.  The Hind D helicopter that Liquid pilots during a section of the game was given to Liquid by Gurlukovich as part of their agreement.  Gurlukovich's aim was to acquire the schematics for the Metal Gear REX.  But with the REX unit's destruction and Liquid's death, this plot was aborted.

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

    In 2007, Gurlukovich once again attempts to get his hands on a Metal Gear; this time the RAY, as it's being transported in an oil tanker and under heavy guard by U.S. Marines.  He partners with Revolver Ocelot in order to steal it from the tanker, but is ultimately betrayed by Ocelot and killed.

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