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Serial Experiments Lain is a visual novel developed and published by Pioneer LDC for the Playstation. It was designed to expand upon themes introduced in the anime of the same name and allow players to empathize with the character of Lain, while telling an alternate story designed by Chiaki J. Konaka, the lead writer of the original anime.

Due to the large amounts of text and voice acting present in the game as well as the niche appeal of the anime, Serial Experiments Lain never saw release outside of Japan.


Serial Experiments Lain focuses around exploration of the game's core plot. This takes the form of a large number of diary entries, animated videos, and audio logs, presented in a non-linear fashion. Many of these entries are locked, and can not be accessed until the player has interacted with other entries, whether they be "mT up-date" applications, or entries which only become visible upon accessing other logs.

Entries are browsed via a central hub, designed to resemble the futuristic computer operating systems seen in the Serial Experiments Lain anime.


Serial Experiments Lain follows an alternate concept of Lain, the protagonist of the original anime, through certain moments of her daily life, such as her psychiatric sessions, diary entries, and interactions with her friends and family. As the story progresses, Lain becomes more interested with the idea of artificial intelligence, and creates one to emulate her father. This eventually leads to Lain leaving her body by uploading her own consciousness to "the Wired", the game's interpretation of the internet, and living on inside of the Wired.


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