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    Serial Killer X

    Character » appears in 2 games

    The main antagonist in Condemned: Criminal Origins and a secondary antagonist in Condemned 2: Bloodshot.

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    Leland Vanhorn, also known as Serial Killer X or SKX, is one of the antagonists from the Condemned franchise. He is the nephew of Malcom Vanhorn and an enemy of Ethan Thomas.


    Very little is known about SKX's background. Malcom Vanhorn claims that Leland used to be "good", but not "strong" enough to ward off the evil spirits that now drive him.


    Leland was becoming more and more violent because of the cities effect on people living in the dark. Taking up every chance he could to show violence, he turned to an outlet, the cities infamous serial killers. The only way to obtain information about these killers were to take information from the cities main investigator, Ethan Thomas. Using information gathered from Ethan, Leland would track and kill the serial killers and use their own Modus operandi (Latin for Mode Of Operation). The Match Maker's modus operandi was to kill women and put them with a male mannequin with the face disfigured. When Leland killed The Match Maker, he put him with a woman mannequin, while the Match Maker resembled the male mannequins at his crime scenes. Ethan usually got to the crime scene of the serial killer, but passed it off as another victim and left them as unsolved cases. Ethan found out about SKX when he discovered the Match Maker and realized it was not the person he'd been chasing. At the time, Ethan was working on nine serial killer cases. Leland was able to kill seven before Ethan became aware of his presence.

    Match Maker Case

    After Ethan Thomas heard a tip on where a new Match Maker case was, he went there accompanied by two officers. After figuring out that somebody was still in the building, they believed it to be The Match Maker, and went after him. Shortly after, Leland meets with Ethan, and kills the two other cops, and throws Ethan out the window onto a car below. NOTE: If you pay close attention, you will listen in to find out that The Match Maker is missing his right hand index finger. In addition the person threatening you at the beginning is NOT The Match Maker, but it is Leland.

    The Torturer Case

    Ethan figures out that SKX is targeting a new serial killer, The Torturer, who tortures his victims and drives them to commit suicide. It takes place in a school, where The Torturer has targeted a gym teacher who used to know him. Ethan finds out that shortly after the torturing, SKX has kidnapped The Torturer to copy his methods. Ethan finds where SKX took him and fights him, and is about to win. But then, Malcolm knocks Ethan out and tries to convince his nephew to stop this. Leland than knocks out Malcolm, and take him and Ethan to a nearby barn. Leland decides he wants to kill Ethan, but figures that cutting off his index finger like The Match Maker would be the most fitting. After cutting off his left index finger (even though The Match Maker was missing his right index finger), Malcolm knocks out Leland and Ethan and Malcolm escape. In the car, Ethan hears the shuffling of Leland in the trunk. After forcing Malcolm to pull over, Ethan goes around to the trunk, and draws his gun. Malcolm tries to convince you to spare him, but it is up to the player if you want to shoot Leland or not.

    Condemned 2

    It is told that after the incident at the farm, Leland was taken to Black Lake Lodge by Malcolm, who nursed him back to health. Leland is still alive, although his right cheek has a gaping hole and his left side is completely torn off. Also an X has been carved into his forehead. It is revealed that Leland killed Malcolm, and wants to join a group shown in the first game called The Oro, who use vibrations to bring people into a rage that makes them violent. He hunts down members and experiments on them, trying to figure out "how they work". SKX is than captured by the SCU, and taken into custody. Ethan corners him in a SCU bus, and tries to get answers about the Oro. SKX escapes from the bus and goes to a nearby abandoned school, which is now his secret hideout. After an SCU ambush, SKX saves Ethan and compliments him, saying he can't wait to "cut him open" and "learn his secret". Leland than is gone for the rest of the game, except at the end when he is shown getting metal implants, showing that he has been accepted into the Oro. His last line is, "I'm ready".


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