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    Serial Killer

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    One who murders three or more people within a relatively short time span.

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    Characteristics of a Serial Killer

    Statistically the following characteristics are common among serial killers.

    1. The majority are single, white males.
    2. Above avg. intelligence
    3. Poor performance in school despite their high IQ.
    4. Unstable family backgrounds
    5. Typically raised by an overly attatched single mother
    6. Often have a history of violence, criminal, or alcoholic tendencies in their families.
    7. Often mistrustful of parents and authority.
    8. Often abused as children.
    9. Many are institutionalized as children and suffer from early psychiatric problems.
    10. High rates of attempted suicide.
    11. Many are interested from an early age in voyeurism, fetishism, and sadomasochistic pornography.
    12. More than 60 percent wet their beds beyond the age of 12.
    13. Many are interested in arson and fire starting.
    14. Many are involved in torture of small animals or other sadistic activity.

    Types of Serial Killer


    These types of killers are usually of above average intelligence, and plan their attacks out carefully and methodically, usually abducting their victims, killing them in one location and dumping them elsewhere. They often have some knowledge of forensics and cover their tracks well. This type of killer will often have relationships possibly even a spouse and children and will often be described by his relations as kind and caring. Organized killer will often take pride in their work following their media coverage carefully.


    Disorganized killers are usually of low intelligence, and commit their murders on the fly or on impulse, usually carrying out unplanned surprise assaults, overpowering the victim. After the murder they will perform whatever rituals they wish, rarely bothering to dispose of the body. These are often considered socially inadequate and have few friends, they evade capture by keeping on the move. They have little insight into their murders some may even block the memory out completely.


    The following are commonly accepted motives for a serial killer

    1. Visionary - A visionary killer often suffers from psychotic breaks from reality, sometimes believing themselves to be another person or the killer claims he/she was compelled to kill by a higher force (god, demons, dogs, etc.).
    2. Mission Oriented - Justify their acts on the basis of a higher cause, the perfectly reasonable removal of a certain type of person (homosexuals, prostitutes, people of a certain race or religion, etc.).
    3. Lust - Lust killers are motivated by sex, often fantasy will play a large role in their crimes. These derive sexual gratification through torture and mutilation of their victims.
    4. Thrill - Killers seeking an adrenaline rush through the infliction of pain and the inducement of terror in their victims. Often kill randomly.
    5. Comfort - Kill victims who's death they stand to benefit by, often family and close acquaintances.

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