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    Serph is the main character of the Digital Devil Saga series and the leader of the Embryon, a tribe forced to do battle in The Junkyard in order to ascend to Nirvana. His atma specializes in ice / -bufu attacks.

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    Serph is the protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga. He is the leader of the Embryon; one of six tribes at constant war with one another for control of their world known as the Junkyard. He and his lieutenants Argilla and Heat are present at Ground Zero when a strange device discovered on the battlefield activates and awakens the atma within all of the Junkyard's residents. He and the others also find a young woman named Sera with strange black hair. After learning that Sera is the key to entering a tower known as Nirvana, he must lead the Embryon to fight the other tribes, keep Sera from their grasp, and enter the tower.

    Serph's atma form is Varuna, a demon with a natural affinity for ice skills and a weakness to fire.


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