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The Heretic Leader commanded an Artifact Retri eval Group attached to the Covenant Fleet  at the first Halo ring, Installation 04. Busy investigating a Forerunner  mining facility in the upper atmosphere of the Gas-giant, Threshold, 'Refumee was fortunate enough not to be on the Ringworld, when Master Chief  destroyed it. Sesa 'Refumee first encountered Halo 's monitor, 343 Guilty Spark , a few days after Halo’s destruction. The Monitor "edified" him about the true nature of Halo,  the fate of the Forerunners and the origins of the Flood.  This knowledge inspired 'Refumee and his Elites to revolt against the Prophets , a decision that led to outright civil war amongst them.  The Heretic Leader was branded as a traitor and Heretic by the High Prophet of Truth, and for that reason, sent the Arbiter  to execute  Sesa 'Refumee. First, he tried to hide and therefore protect himself in the Gas Station, as a perilous Storm that would kill everyone outside the station raged. The arbiter cut the cable that prevented the station from falling into the Gas-Giant, to force him out. As he attempted to make his escape in a Seraph Starfighter, the Arbiter finds him and engages him in combat. Despite his clever use of Holo-Drones , the Arbiter successfully murders 'Refumee and purges the expendable Heretic uprising. Any Heretics that were not killed by Rtas Vadumee' s strike team were likely killed by the Flood, or plunged to their deaths by the Arbiter that slashed the cables that held up the Gas Mine station. 
Ironically, when the Arbiter kills Tartarus and joins the Sangheili Separatists  he becomes a traitor too, similar to the assassinated 'Refumee.  With the Heretic Leader's death at the hands of the Arbiter and 343 Guilty Spark's destruction by the Master Chief, the specifics of the revelations may be lost forever.

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