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    RC-1207, aka Sev, is Delta Squad's sniper, weapons and close-combat expert, and general tough guy. His hobbies include tracking his kill count and brutally removing threats to the Republic.

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    RC-1207 (otherwise known as Sev or Delta 07) is a member of Delta squad. He was the squads sniper and was known for his brutality in the clone wars. Sev was trained by Sgt. Walon Vau. He was one of the first to be deployed to Geonisis along with his squad. 


    His first objective was to eliminate Sun Fac a Geonosian lieutenant. Sev was the first to reach the rendezvous point before his squad did. When Sun Fac tried to escape by a starfighter Sev used his sniping skills to destroy the ship killing Sun Fac. Then him and Delta Squad had to go to the catacombs and destroy a droid manufacturing base. They went threw some problems but got the job done. After that Sev and the rest of Delta Squad went into a Geonosian core ship, split up, sabotaging the ship, stole the launch codes, and escaped before the ship blew up.  

    The Prosecutor

    367 days later Sev and his squad were put on a mission to investigate the Prosecutor a assault ship that had disappeared and suddenly returned. Sev and his squad split up to search the ship in different sections. While gathering information Sev was captured by Trandoshans and was interrogated until Boss and Fixer came to save him. Then him and Delta Squad had to defend the ship against Trandoshans and droids. In the end Sev and his squad stopped the droids and Trandoshans by sealing up the entrances giving them enough time for reinforcements to come. 

    Rescue of Omega Squad  

    After the mission on The Prosecutor Sev and Delta Squad were given a mission to go to the Kelarea system and help Omega squad who were trapped in a damaged freighter. Sev and Delta got in and saved Omega.  


    Sev and Delta's mission was to go to Kashyyyk and save Tarfful from the sepratists. So Sev and Delta fought through droids, trandoshans, and even magna guards. After they saved Tarfful a giant seperatist ship was flying over Kashyyyk. So Sev and Delta squad split up in individual turrets and shot down the ship. After loosing contact with the squad, Sev was blown up. His squad looked for him, however he is currently MIA.

    Though he inwardly struggled with the concept of living up to Walon Vau, he was outwardly a tough, aggressive individual, usually showing no emotion in his voice; often showing psychopathic tendencies. Although Scorch had the reputation as Delta Squad's comedian, Sev had a grim and sadistic sense of humor, which was more often than not the counterpart to Scorch's jokes. His obsession with counting kills was not groundless; he was set on getting 4,982 kills, one for every commando killed at the Battle of Geonosis. Sev was Delta Squad's  sniper– and was at his best when sighting an enemy in the scope of his DC-17 Sniper Rifle. Like his fellow clone commandos, Sev wore the distinctive Katarn armor, but his suit also had grim, blood-red streaks painted across it. His squad mates, however, sometimes wondered if these disturbing markings were actually paint at all. Regardless of how Sev developed his unique personality, it was generally agreed that he was a supremely efficient fighter.Scorch often joked that his cloning tank had been "spiked" which was resulting in his sadistic behavior.        


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