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    Severed Hand Cover Art

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    A disembodied hand on the box of a retail game.

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    This complex body part normally used for seizing objects and movement has been rendered obsolete by a mysterious factor eternally separating it from it's original host. Usually used for either comedic or horrific effect, the disembodied hand cover art has popped up in history as the ever so evident evidence of fear and terror. The hands in question are typically cut off from the area of the wrist, indicating precision vivisection by the assaulting force. Oftentimes, these body parts (having not been linked for several hours) will already have begun decomposing to the point where even the skeleton is visible. There is also the instance where another part of the hand or fingers are missing, but these are rarely spotted in the wild.

    It should also be mentioned that all of the cases reported do not involve any circumstances of polydactyly or other more well-known diseases involving hands.

    This could possibly be attributed to the fact that these diseases are quite rare; Thus making the cover arts more desirable for publishers in order to attract a larger audience.


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