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    Sexy Librarian

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    A look implying an authoritative, smart, good looking woman that always includes glasses. The combination of these characteristics may appeal to certain men or women, and is a popular sexual fantasy.

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    The Sexy Librarian Look

    The sexy librarian look, implies a smart, authoritative, good looking woman. The Sexy Librarian look usually consists of high heels, reading glasses and long hair that is generally tied together to form a bun on the top of the head. In other cases the hair is untied and flowing, for example, Bayonetta.

    The Sexy Librarian look is a popular sex fantasy. Some argue that the librarian is sexually repressed, just like her tied up hair. In addition to that she is perceived as a dominatrix as she is an authoritative figure that people are expected to listen to, in accordance to other dominatrix sexual fantasies; Soldier, Cop, etc.


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    The character Bayoneta fits the Sexy Librarian look but in a special way, as she is not sexually repressed. Where the stereotypical Sexy Librarian has her hair tied up, Bayonetta's hair is flowing and is used as a weapon. Bayonetta is an example of a woman that is not sexually repressed, she is not afraid to use her femininity (read hair) and indeed does so to fight the forces of evil. Bayonetta's hair also functions as her clothes, so one can argue that when ever she uses her femininity, she further exposes her femininity by becoming naked.


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