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    A criminal organization within the Street Fighter universe established by M. Bison.

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    Originally known as a mysterious crime organization that dealt with smuggling drugs and arms, Shadaloo's motives and actions were further fleshed out as the Street Fighter series spawned new entries. Led by M. Bison, the organization also had 3 other characters focused on their own selfish desires that served under him: Balrog was the enforcer, Vega the assassin, and Sagat as his second-in-command. With central bases in Thailand and Brazil, Shadaloo had established scientists to develop advanced technology and powerful weaponry but most importantly was the Psycho Drive. A lot of resources and focus went into constructing the Psycho Drive, which further aided M. Bison's exponential increase of his Psycho Powers. To a lot of the characters in the Street Fighter universe, the organization had some substantial effect in their lives and motivations. Sagat is no longer a member of Shadaloo and is largely reformed.


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