List the glitches you've encountered.

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#1 Posted by WickedCestus (3781 posts) -
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#2 Posted by sickVisionz (1307 posts) -

The hair one and one time the big door to the final boss wouldn't open up for me.  I had to reload my save in order to get it working again.

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#3 Posted by HotSauceMagik (277 posts) -

When I got sent out the door after flooding part of the base, I hit B to quick kill the guys standing right on the platform.  Screen went blank and when I hit pause the menu showed up like I was in a cutscene.  I coudn't jump or shoot, or even load my last save.  Had to restart the game.

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#4 Posted by Creamypies (4169 posts) -

I glitched into a wall and then flew into oblivion and died during one of the Proving Ground challenges.

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#5 Posted by Jerusahat (141 posts) -

I've had the blue hair twice, and one time the black loading screen didn't go away. I had to hit the menu button and blindly choose the reload option.
Surprised they didn't fix the hair when they rolled out the patch for the leaderboards.

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#6 Posted by Altered_Confusion (442 posts) -

Died a couple times early in the game, then we the game loaded back to the last save room the screen was blank, but I could hear myself walking around and getting shot as I apparently walked out the door. I had to go back to the dashboard and then back in to get the picture back.

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#7 Posted by jkz (4177 posts) -

Blue Hair....that's it, I've been lucky :)

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#8 Posted by Dr_Feelgood38 (1582 posts) -

Glitched into a wall and all of my limbs stretched across the screen. Only happened once in about 15 hours though. Oh, and I also had the purple hair glitch thing during the final cutscene.

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#9 Posted by CABBAGES (593 posts) -

just did this right now - I was at the bit where you run along the electrified water then up the wall then along the roof to a foam pack then i got stuck in the wall. I coudl keep going to the rigth btu couldnt get back out the wall then i went to the rigth anmd i could see i was falling into nothign when i moved my torch around then my xbox crashed :( 
Tryed to get it to happen again but cant.
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#10 Posted by spankingaddict (2943 posts) -

a few times i found that i could walk half ways through a wall or ceiling....

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#11 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -

It just happened to me now. I somehow got through the bridge near the "explosion" event at the end of the game without lowering it (I crouched or something). After the event, I came to the bridge and it cannot be lowered. I think I may have to start over the whole game. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkk.

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#12 Posted by breadfan (6803 posts) -

I always encounter the same glitch around the opening cave sequence where I drop down into a vent and then Jason keeps falling then floating back up. 

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#13 Posted by breadfan (6803 posts) -

I came across a glitch while running through one section and then Jason would all of a sudden start glitching into the air and would lock in place for a few seconds over and over, it was pretty annoying

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#14 Posted by ProjektGill (774 posts) -

There is this odd glitch with the first spider boss when you just get the grenades. I was trying to level up fast and I had the gold room unlocked so I already had the Inertial Element (shotgun thing). I was able to kill the spider so fast that it died before the game had time to show me it's weakness. So the screen was permanently stuck zoomed in at the broken pipes below the boss and I had to reload the last save. Found out that I had to wait for the game to show me  his weakness before killing him.

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#15 Posted by breadfan (6803 posts) -

I also came across a glitch were the helicopter that attacks you while swimming across the lake dive bombs into the lake and the screen began to spas out as as result

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#16 Posted by zitosilva (1890 posts) -

I got the blue hair a couple of times. Also got the basic ragdoll glitch, in which dead enemies won't stop twitching. Algo, whi swimming, my legs turned upside down and got mixed with Jason's upper body.

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