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House of Fordel
House of Fordel

Shadow Haven is the first city almost every new visitor of Luclin comes to after arriving. When the followers of Tsaph Katta realized that they were trapped on the moon, they set forth to establish their city, known as Katta Castellum, on the dark side of the moon. They left behind a few hundred people including many of their best wizards to research a way to travel back to Norrath. When Seru's inquisition arrived about a year later in search of the loyalists, they too were shocked that they were now trapped here. The commanders of Seru's army met with the people who had been living here at the core, where the people advised them that they cared not for the wars of the two factions of the Combine Empire any longer, but only for a way home. The inquisition set a course for the light side of the moon and established Sanctus Seru, but they too left a sizable amount of people behind in an effort to secure a passage back to Norrath.

House of Midst
House of Midst

Those left behind established a city of their own, elected officials, and assembled a police force to ensure safety. They named their city Fordel Midst. Part of the name was taken from a family who died in the early months of excavation, survived only by one woman. The word Midst was added in honor of a family with a long line of mages who dedicated their lives to researching the black sphere in The Nexus. Many people began referring to the city as a haven from the shadows of Luclin that roamed the moon on the surface, and hence the city became commonly referred to as Shadow Haven.

House of Stout
House of Stout

Most people arrive in the city via the transporter in The Nexus, which drops travelers off on a platform above a pool in the western part of town. On the same platform is a transporter back to The Nexus. Immediately south of this pool is a large district run by the shorter races of Norrath; halflings, dwarves, and gnomes. They offer all types of tradeskill goods to adventurers as well as a bank. Beyond their district is a passage to Echo Caverns. Directly east of the pool is a large building full of vegetation including a tree that, when touched, will teleport one to a hidden grove where guildmasters offer training to druids, rangers, shaman, and beastlords.

Nexus Portal
Nexus Portal

Continuing down the street east there is a popular casino called Shandling's Roost. Just a bit further east is a staircase leading down to The Bazaar, which is also owned and operated by the citizens of Shadow Haven. Continuing east past the Bazaar is the main part of the city. Large homes and taverns have been built in line with the streets. At the far end is the House of Fordel where clerics and paladins can employ training and purchase new spells and supplies. Just outside of the House of Fordel is the Fordel Hold, offering to keep adventurers prized goods safe while they explore the moon.

To the south is the city barracks for the Haven Defenders that police not just the city, but also The Bazaar, The Nexus, and parts of the Netherbian Lair. Beyond the barracks is a large bridge leading to the Paludal Caverns and the trade route to the Vah Shir city of Shar Vahl. North of the House of Fordel is a bridge to the House of Midst, where monks, enchanters, wizards, and magicians can purchase spells, gear, and training. The citizens of the city, just as they were when Seru's forces arrived, care not for the wars of the world. They are often suspicious of newcomers, but will offer tasks to earn their trust. Simply put, Shadow Haven is a city that offers anything an adventurer could possibly need.

Neighboring Zones


  • Guardians of the Haven
  • Haven Defenders
  • House of Fordel
  • House of Midst
  • House of Stout
  • Traders of the Haven

Commerce & Tradeskills

Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Allonode's Jewelry
Bargain MerchantCaster Supplies
Biddinight's BrewAlcohol
The Black KettleAlcohol, Food Brew Barrel
Blackhand's Smithing
Fashing & TannerLeather ArmorTailoring
Fordel HoldBank
Fordel SupplyWeapons, Food & Water, General Supplies, Leather Armor, InstrumentsBaking, Poison, TailoringForge, Loom
Furthers' InnAlcohol, Cloth ArmorBrewing, Tailoring
Grimthor's DistilleryAlcohol, Food & Water, General Supplies Brew Barrel
The Hidden GardenBeastlord/Druid/Ranger/Shaman SpellsAlchemy, Fletching
House FordelCleric/Paladin Spells, Food & Water, AlcoholSmithing
House MidstBank, Food & Water, Caster Spells, Alcohol, General Supplies, Cloth ArmorAlchemy, Jewelry
House StoutBank, Food & Water, Bags, Alcohol, Plate Armor, Chain Mail, Weapons, PotionsBaking, Jewelry
The Knight's TableAlcoholTinkeringOven
Kolburn InglewortPotions
The Lost TurnipBags, Food Oven
Marchap's Micro Metals Tinkering
Nexus KiosksBank, Food & Drink, General Supplies, Bags, Leather Armor, AlcoholAlchemy, Baking, Smithing, TinkeringForge, Loom
Oxon Essencebinder Pottery
Shallowsong'sBard Songs, Alcohol Oven
Shandling's RoostAlcohol
Smithy Firehand's Smithing
Stout Crafting AreaLeather ArmorFishing, Pottery, Smithing, TailoringForge, Kiln, Pottery Wheel
Tailforth & Rawkins Fletching

Guild Halls

Guild HallClassesGuildmaster
Guardians of the Haven
  • Garon Battlehand
Haven Outcasts
  • Frinzel Heartstinger
The Hidden Garden
  • Sarith Clawnik
  • Plow Jumpinwolf
  • Yargin the Travler
  • Tarson Lonewolf
House Fordel
  • Priest Jarson
  • Priestess Farinthorn
House Midst
  • Palomidiar Allakhaji
  • Loewnsaz Waldalon
  • Grandmaster Holoriki
  • Lamukas Kaesoanls
  • Darian Shallowsong

Notable NPCs

  • Mother Ilisial Fordel
  • Trade Commissioner Henry
  • Tronso Namistail

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