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    Shadow of Destiny

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Feb 22, 2001

    Control Eike Kusch as he attempts to change the course of history and stop a mysterious figure from killing him.

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    Shadow of Destiny is an adventure game created by KCET (Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo) early in the life-cycle of the PlayStation 2. Outside of North America, the game goes by the title Shadow of Memories and, early in development, it was also known as Day of Walpurgis and Time Adventure.

    The game focuses on the elements of surprise and suspense, though the player's actions consist mostly of exploration and puzzle-solving. The plot follows the story of Eike Kusch as he attempts to solve his own murder by traveling back in time while being aided by a shadowy figure known as the Homonculus. The choices the player makes throughout the game lead to different endings that each provide insight on the game's overall mystery.

    PSP Differences

    On the October 1, 2009 a port for the PlayStation Portable was published in Japan with a North American release following soon after on January 26, 2010. The release is a 1:1 port of the original PS2 version with some differences and additions including:

    • The entire script being re-dubbed by a different cast of voice actors.
    • The ability to save anywhere as opposed to the beginning of each chapter.
    • Some minor characters added to give extra clues and pointers to the player.
    • The Digipad is renamed as a the Z-Pad ("Z" standing for "zeit" meaning "time" in German.)
    • Some pronunciations and corrections to the script. Mr. Eckart is now referred to simply as Eckart considering that his full name is Eckart Brum so the latter sounded out of place and Doctor Wagner now has the correct German pronunciation.


    The game is strictly an adventure game where Eike travels around the fictional German town of Lebensbaum (translated to English as Life's Tree.) The story progresses as Eike talks to the town's inhabitants whilst helping them solve their problems by way of talking to other folks or by taking/giving them certain items.

    The main crux of the game play lies with the time travel mechanics. Equipped with the Digipad (or Z-Pad in the PSP port) given to Eike from the Homonculus, Eike can freely travel to four different time periods, 2001 (being Eike's present time), 1980, 1902 and 1580. Despite the broad range of time differences, the game entirely takes place within Lebensbaum meaning that the general layout will be the same. This also means that the characters in the past are often related to those in the future. This allows Eike to change the future by altering events in the past, for better or for worse. It should be noted that the Digipad is powered by energy units but they can be easily found lying around in the environment.

    Because of the time travelling elements, the game has two clocks running at real time. One to keep track of the present time whilst the other keeps track of the period Eike is in. Talking to people and engaging cut scenes takes time and should ever Eike die in his present time the chapter restarts but should Eike not return to the present time before his foretold time of death, then it's Game Over.

    The game has over six endings with another two extra endings that are available once the previous six are unlocked. The type of endings the player gets depends on the choices that are made throughout the story. They are labelled A, B-1, B-2, C, D and E with the Extra two referred to as EX endings.



    (This plot follows the choices up to Ending A.)

    The time is 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon, a young man leaves the café and goes for a walk around Lebensbaum but half an hour later an unknown assailant runs up behind and stabs him straight in the back, quickly killing him. Shortly after, he wakes up in a strange room floating in a black abyss. Suddenly a mysterious voice calls out to the man and explains that he is destined to die but offers to help him reverse the fate. At first he is sceptical believing that he might be dealing with the Devil (to which the voice dismisses as old-fashioned and irrelevant to him.) Eventually the man agrees and the voice provides him with the Digipad, a device that allows him to travel through time but he is told to act careful not to linger too long in the past.

    The scene returns to the café with the man slumped on his table with the waitress shaking him awake. He suddenly stands up startling the waitress (whom the café owner calls her Dana) before he apologises, saying that was just asleep. Slightly confused, he finishes his coffee, pays and leaves. Leaving the café he checks his watch and realises that it's 2:00 o'clock again. He looks at his watch in disbelief but given that he still has the Digipad with him, he accepts his strange fate.

    As he walks around he hears about a fortune teller situated nearby, curious about his future he pays the fortune teller a visit, who appears as a mystical woman covered in robes. She offers to tell his future for and thus informs him that his fated hour is 2:30 o'clock. While she cannot help him immediately she advises him about his ability to make a change in the past and thus fight fate, allowing him to alter the future and therefore deter his murderer. Should he survive, he is told to give her another visit.

    Rather keen on avoiding getting killed again, he decides to walk around town and convinces people to go to the town square at 2:30 so that he won't be alone when the murderer approaches him. With enough people gathered at the square a juggler wearing a white gown and mask in seen performing by coincedence to the amusement of the onlookers. As the man watches the juggler a shadow figure is seen approaching him but retreats when it realizes that he is surrounded by other people. The man senses something but sees no one suspicious. With his fate deflected he decides to return to the fortune teller to learn more.

    Chapter 1

    Standing outside the fortune teller's place he ponders about his future before stepping in. The fortune teller is somewhat impressed with him defying fate but warns him that 3:00 o'clock is now his fated time of death. While he is surprised that he is still in danger he hasn't exactly gotten to the root of the problem. Like before, he is told to return to the the fortune teller if he manages to survive. As he leaves the building he sees the nearby bar covered in flames as onlookers stand outside.A young, blonde haired boy is seen crying and asks people to help him as his Grandfather is still inside. The man agrees and rushes inside but quickly succumbs to the flames.

    He wakes up back in the strange room before he is whisked back to the his time shortly before his untimely death. He decides to go back in time before the time of the fire. As he gets near the bar he spots a suspicious figure run off and he immediately gives chase but strangely enough the figure disappears. He returns to the bar and puts out a burning rag that was the apparent cause of the fire. With the threat gone, he returns back to his present time and the bar is seen free from danger. Having witnessed this change the man begins to understand about his power to alter the past and thus the future.

    Chapter 2

    The time is currently 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. The man is standing at the square when he suddenly hears a woman calling for him. He turns to face her and realizes that she is Dana, the waitress from the café. He asks if this was about the money for the coffee but she retorts that he simply forgot something back at the café and presents him a red stone. She describes the stone as beautiful and mysterious, saying that it'll make for a good necklace. The man replies, saying that it wasn't his much to the confusion to both of them as it didn't belong to the other café patrons. With that out of the way she presents him with a lighter which does in fact belong to him. They make small talk and some chemical reaction can be seen between them. The man finally introduces himself as Eike and offers to make her a necklace from the stone. They both agree to see each other tomorrow at the café.

    A few seconds later a mysterious figure hiding behind the nearby tree strikes a deadly blow at Eike, killing him much to Dana's shock. Eike wakes up back in the strange room with the voice commenting that someone was hiding behind the tree and asks whether he can change that. Eike find himself outside the café at 3:00 o'clock with the owner informing him that Dana was out looking for him. Eike returns to the square and meets up with Dana with the same conversation unraveling. Seconds before his predicted death, Eike uses the Digipad to travel to the year 1580 to which Eike feels he has a faint connection to but alarmingly, Dana is accidentally caught in Eike's time travelling.

    In the year 1580, a young lady is being harassed by two older women and a child. They comment on her clothes saying that dressing above her station was an offence. They threaten her with the town watch but offers to stay quiet so long as she makes dresses for them in return. Feeling stressful under her circumstances Eike suddenly drops from the sky between them, startling them. Just then a town guard approaches them and the women begin to accuse the young lady of witchcraft.

    Caught between a rock and a hard place, Eike uses his lighter to scare the women and the town guard as they exclaim that he is summoning "fire from his hand" (a lighter being foreign and unknown to them.) Eike warns them to leave the young lady alone and tells them to forget everything that they've seen. With the pair alone the young lady thanks Eike and inquires about his identity. He replies that he's no one to be afraid of and in return he asks if she's seen a young lady just like herself. She says that she hasn't but offers to bring Eike to her place where they can talk some more but not before they exchange names, her's being Margarete and his, Eike Kusch.

    Back at her home they go upstairs to her mother's room as she lies in bed, gravely ill. Nearby, Margarete's younger brother, Hugo is seen sitting down by her side. Hugo comments on Eike's strange clothes whilst his mother comments that Eike sounds very much like his father. Margarete then asks where is father to which Hugo replies that he's still in the basement, still working despite that his wife is still gravely ill. Margarete's mother explains that it's okay because she loves her father because of his passion for his work. Margarete decides to give a quick visit to his father and as she leaves the Digipad drops out of Eike's pocket. Curious to what it is, Hugo badgers Eike about the purpose of the strange machine before he correctly guesses that it is a time machine, hence Eike's strange clothes in comparison to them. Before Eike can reply the mother tells Hugo to stop bothering him and apologises to Eike, saying that Hugo is very much like his father due to his curiosity leading him to be an alchemist.

    Hugo remarks that he isn't terribly interested in alchemy just yet and complains that his father is always working on experiments and that he never has the time to see his family. Just then, Margarete returns saying that her father is so busy that he barely notices her. She then asks Eike what the girl she was looking for looks like before Hugo interjects asking if the girl and Eike are romantically involved to which he quickly denies (much to Margarete's interest.) As Eike explains Dana's appearance Margerete says that she hasn't seen anyone fitting the description. With not much else for him there, Eike thanks them and departs but not before Margarete tells him to be careful before Hugo teases about her attraction to him.

    Back outside in the square, Eike meets a man planting a seedling. Eike asks if he's seen Dana but he replies that he's too busy to talk to anyone except the squire. Outside the squire's manor, Eike talks to the guard outside the gate. He offers to let him but only if he's got something to trade. Once inside, Eike finds the squire's medallion hanging above the entrance. Using a ladder to acquire the medallion he returns to the man planting the seedling in the square and shows it to him. Eike claims that he has a message from the squire, saying that he doesn't want a tree planted there but would rather have a statue instead. With this in mind, the man walks uproots the seedling and leaves.

    Eike then uses the Digipad to return to the present time but worryingly he does not return with Dana. He's sorry that she got caught up in his mess and promises himself to look for her. As he begins lights up a cigarette he decides against it and throws them in the trash, exclaiming that it was a good time to quit because he doesn't want to die. As he turns to face the tree in the square it fades away and a large statue takes it's place.

    Chapter 3

    The time is 5: 00 o'clock in the evening. Suddenly, a large vase drops from the sky and hits Eike, killing him again. Once more, he finds himself in the strange room with the mysterious voice advising him to stop messing about and do something useful such as gathering information. Eike returns to his world when he gets a phone call from his friend, Eckart asking where he's been as he was meant to drop down to the museum. Before he heads off, Eike has another meeting with the fortune teller. This time, his time of death will be 5:50 o'clock and she reminds him that the future is composed of many possible paths. Nearby the museum Eike encounters a bespectacled man at a billboard who seems lost in thought of what makes a good movie, they both ponder at the question a bit before he tells Eike that he should live every day as if it's his first and last.

    At the museum (that was once the squire's manor back in the year 1580), Eike meets Eckart in his office (which is populated by many young cats) and they both make small talk. Eike inquires if he knows anything about alchemy but Eckart says he doesn't know much about the subject except that there was once a well known alchemist named Doctor Wagner who lived in Lebensbaum. He gives Eike a copy of "The Magician of Our City", an old book that has tales of ancient alchemists with a supposed recipe of Elixir of Youth and other alchemical documents. Eckart then offers him a kitten as his cat just had a litter recently to which Eike politely declines.

    As he leaves Eckart's office Eike hears the mysterious voice again. A strange figure with red eyes and attired in black clothing materializes from thin air approaches him, introducing itself as the Homunculus and it being the same being that saved Eike from his apparent death. Eike is suspicious so he demands proof. Homonculus agrees and thus sends Eike to the year 1979 outside the museum. As Eike arrives in this timeline the bespectacled from earlier witnesses Eike's appearance out of disbelief and just then a man runs out of the museum happily exclaiming. He sees and Eike and apologises for his commotion, explaining that he's happy as his wife just gave birth to a baby girl at the hospital. Eike congratulates him and asks if he works at the museum, the man replies he does in fact work at there as he just inherited the place from his father, he also reveals that his name is Eckart (proving him to be the same man in Eike's original timeline.)

    Eike is surprised to realize this but before things get unusual, Eckart apologises and run's back in saying that they still need to think of a name to call their daughter. With him gone, Eike checks the Digipad and notices that it's out of power. Homonculus chimes in saying that it's just a small measure of it's power and challenges Eike to get back. After finding an Energy Unit to power the Digipad, Eike returns to the present back inside the museum. Homonculus asks if he's fully convinced but instead Eike runs back to Eckart's office and questions if he ever had a daughter. The question throws Eckart off and he accidentally knocks down a vase. Eike apologises and begins to clear up the mess as Eckart remarks that he doesn't think he ever mentioned his daughter to him.

    Eckart explains that he does have a daughter or rather, he did once when a madman kidnapped her whilst his wife was killed in the same attack. Eike apologises and leaves the office. Knowing this, Eike believes Homonculus and thanks him for giving him a second chance. Homonculus is thrilled as he tells him that both of them are in trouble and it's up to Eike to work together to solve their problems but he also tells him that he can't do too much for his body is rather fragile, saying that he picked up a child the other day and that alone give him a lot of trouble. He also requests Eike that should he see the red stone again, he should give it to someone named Dr. Wagner. Homonculus then disappears again much to the frustration of Eike.

    Chapter 4

    The time is 7:00 o'clock at night. An hour later as Eike strolls around the town he is once more stabbed in the back. Finding himself back in the strange room, Homonculus (now sitting atop the doorway) asks him if there's anyway to stop getting himself stabbed in the back and half-jokingly suggests that he should stick a metal plate down the back of his jacket instead. Back in real world an hour before his death Eike decides to check out the book given to him by Eckart. Inside, he finds an old photo of a man and young girl carrying a baby standing outside a building. The Digipad reacts to this and Eike decides to travel to the year 1902 as a result.

    Finding himself there, he explores the town and comes across a man working at a coffee bar. They make small talk and the bar owner offers him a cup of coffee but Eike mistakenly assumes that it was on the house. The owner replies that it's okay and that he'll just put it on his tab so he can pay him back later. Eike then returns to the museum but sees a man standing outside inspecting the building. He asks if he works at the museum but the man doesn't seem to understand as he explains that it's just a house that belonged to a squire but now it's just a house he inherited from his parents with just him and his two children living there.

    But in a way he does agree with Eike, noting that it is too big for just the three of them and maybe it should be a museum instead. He thanks Eike for his advice as he informs him that he was thinking of getting rid of the house somehow as it reminds him too much of his dead wife. He mulls over a bit as he explains that he has many old paintings from his forbearers as they favoured a particular artist to which Eike guesses as Karl Frannsen but this only makes the man suspicious as he exclaims that he's never told anyone about the paintings and this leads to a small miscommunication between them two. But he apologises and thanks Eike once again for his idea. They both exchange names and the man introduces himself as Alfred Brum. Alfred expresses his gratitude to Eike by inviting him inside for tea and company.

    Inside, Alfred finds his daughter, Sibylla watching over his baby son who's fast asleep. He asks her to make tea for their guest. As she brings it to the drawing room, Alfred informs her of his decision to change the house into a museum and asks for her opinion to which she replies that whatever he decides is good enough for much to his relief as he was afraid that she might object but she does remark that it's a better idea then selling the house. Alfred then has an idea and decides that they should get a photograph of the house taken before the renovation for an after/before comparison. He tells Eike that he's a good friend with a photographer, Mr. Frannsen who just happens to be a descendant from the famous artist, Karl Frannsen.

    Alfred goes to fetch Frannsen and trusts Sibylla to take care of the house while he's gone. As he leaves, Sibylla wonders if Eike had anything to do with Alfred's decision to change to the house into a museum to which he declines, saying that he came to the decision himself. Regardless, Sibylla expresses relief as she loves her home and offers him some tea. However, she notices that his jacket is a little damaged and insists on letting her mend it for him. Eike is sceptical about her abilities but she reassures him explaining that she can do anything (except cooking) and she even made a whole costume for her dad to wear for the upcoming festival. Still unsure of this Eike still takes up her offer but wears the costume (which turns out to be a juggling costume) instead given the chilly weather, much to Sibylla's amusement who suggests that he should wear it for the photograph.

    Eike then spots an egg-shaped object to which Sibylla explains is something that Alfred bought for her but Eike can have it instead as she doesn't want it any more. Wondering why, she tells him that it's actually a small notebook that she intended to write her wish saying that she doesn't want Alfred to sell the house but given that it's not going to happen any more it's of no use to her. Eike then remembers something and asks her if there's a iron plate or something similar that he can borrow before asking for a frying pan instead since they must have one of those at least. However, his request is turned down as Sibylla explains that when her mother died, Alfred had all of her things taken away including her cutlery and Sibylla is too young to cook anything herself. She suggests that he investigate the cafés instead but unfortunately none of them are open at the hour. Eike ponders a bit and remembers that the bar from earlier might have some frying pans. He has a brain wave and uses Sibylla's egg-shaped notepad and scribbles down a note.

    Fully donned in the juggling costume he excuses himself and returns to the present time (albeit at 2:00 o'clock which is the time of his first supposed death.) At the square he begins juggling and eventually sees his past self watching him perform. Amused by this Eike throws his past self Sibylla's egg-shaped notepad. He catches the egg with the note that reads: "To Eike: Please get something like a thick iron plate." Confused he looks up to find the juggler mysteriously out of view.

    Back in 1902, Eike returns to the drawing room where Sibylla seems to be waiting for him as well as rather annoyed at him for running off. He apologises and she accepts and just then Alfred calls them for the photograph. Outside, Mr. Frannsen snaps a photograph of the group standing by the house (with Eike still wearing the juggling costume.) Afterwards, Sibylla thanks Eike and says he should get changed to which he agrees. Shortly after, she sees Eike and says that she thought he had changed already. He replies that he hasn't and does so immediately. As he puts his jacket back on a frying falls out onto the floor much to surprise of Sibylla who wonders how he managed to get one so quickly. Eike waves it off and excuses himself. She says she hopes to see him soon and that he's free to use the key as much as he needs to but he doesn't know what she's talking about as he's not even carrying a key let alone take one.

    Not wanting to linger in the past too long, Eike returns to the present time shortly before he's stabbed to in the back. Using the frying pan to protect him, he feigns his death as he drops to the ground with Eckart's book dropping out of his pocket. With the murderer deterred, he takes respite in this time but notices that the old photo enclosed in the book is slightly different as it now includes himself wearing the juggling costume next to the Brum family.

    Chapter 5

    The time is 8:20 o'clock at night. It's beginning to get late and with all the hurly burly that he's going through Eike realises that feels hungry but remarks that it's a sign of being alive. He remembers about the bar from earlier and decides that it's good spot to have dinner. Inside, the bar patron greets Eike and offers to Special from the menu. Since he's in a safe, comfortable spot for once he begins to read the book as he waits for his food to arrive.

    "The science of Alchemy has as it's Grail two great projects. One is the synthesis of the "elixir of life", that which would free Mankind from all ills of the body. The other is an amalgam purely Scientific in nature - the creation of a "Homonculus" - an Artificial Life. Both require as their central ingredient a red stone known as the philosopher's stone. Here we shall briefly examine the life of Wolfgang Wagner whose alchemical prowess was known throughout the region. Though born of a farmer's son he became the ward of wealthy kin after his prodigious intellect was recognised and pursued studies in Medicine and Theology at university. Follow this period he seems to have made his living as an apothecary while pursuing the science of Alchemy. However, what secured his lasting fame was no doubt the manner in which he met his end. Amid rumours of his engagement in an experiment of great magnitude and duration, Dr. Wagner's house was shaken by a thunderous explosion and the alchemist himself was never seen again. It is often said that a no more fitting end could have been imagined for a magus such as he."

    - The Magician of Our City

    Eike takes a mental note that the philosopher's stone must be the red stone that Dana showed him earlier. He also remarks that the sudden disappearance of the alchemist to be rather suspicious. While he reads his food being prepared and is brought to him but an unknown assailant slips in a white powder in his meal before it reaches him.

    Tummy full, Eike leaves the bar encounters Homonculus outside who wonders how he's doing in his investigation and inquires about the book. Eike shows him the book but he refuses his offer, stating that the Pentagram-like shape of the cover is rather off-putting. But it's rather irrelevant as Homonculus already knows what the book is about anyway. Homonculus also mentions that Dr. Wagner had a daughter, saying that she's rather important to Eike to which he assumes that she could be an ancestor of his. Whatever the case, Homonculus explains that the Digipad is drawn to Dr. Wagner's era because of a potential link that connects the two. Eike is reminded to look for the red stone again as Homonculus believes that Eike is fated to acquire it and getting it is a good way to avoid his death. Homonculus then promptly disappears again much to Eike's frustration as he ponders about the book's connection to the past.

    Suddenly Eike is struck with a wave of lethargy and nausea before collapsing on the street. Back in the strange room, Homonculus explains that the he died from consuming a poison made from a sea hare, a type of sea slug. He then cryptically suggests that Eike investigate the library to learn more, or rather the art museum instead. Sent back to the real world, Eike returns to the distant past in the year 1584, four years since he last visited the era. He remembers Margarete mentioning that her father did research so he assumes that he must be Dr. Wagner. Unfortunately, Margarete's house is in ruins. He approaches but a woman warns him that an explosion just occurred, probably because of all the dangerous science the owner dabbles in. Eike then asks if the home belongs to Dr. Wagner to which the woman confirms but warns him again to stay away for his own good.

    With the house empty there's nothing for him there so he travels to 1902 to see the Brum family. Outside the manor he spots Mr. Frannsen and Alfred standing in thought. Alfred says he's not sure about changing his house into a museum as he has a lot of books too so a library might be a better idea. He asks Eike for an opinion to which Eike says a library is a better idea. Thanking him, Alfred decides that it's a better idea too.

    Back in the present time, Eike pays the museum a visit (now a library instead.) Inside, he finds a book explaining the effects and the antidote for the sea hare poison. It explains the origins of the poison and should one take the antidote when they start feeling the effects, they should be fine. However, the poison no longer exists and this the effects are not known.

    Travelling back to 1584, Eike enters the Wagner household, still smoking and covered in debris but he then spots Homonculus amongst the wreckage. Strangely enough Homonculus doesn't recognise Eike and promptly disappears. Eike then finds the key to Dr. Wagner's lab and enters inside but nothing of note is found. The Digipad reacts to this and thus he ventures two years earlier to 1586. Making his way to the Wagner household Eike spots Hugo being teased by two other children. They mock him and his family, saying that his father's experiments are the work of the devil and whatnot. Hugo angrily defends his family and chases after them.

    Back at the Wagner house, Eike doesn't meet anyone and so he enter's the lab again. Downstairs, he finds Dr. Wagner busy at work. At first he becomes incredibly suspicious to Eike as he seems to know him and his supposedly secret experiments into the Homonculus. He orders him to leave but then he quickly changes his tone when Eike mentions that he may have seen the philosopher's stone, a key ingredient to his experiment.

    As Eike leaves the lab he spots Margaret packing things up. At first she does not recognise him but quickly remembers who he is and that he was looking for Dana, whom she still hasn't seen after two years. She explains that a lot has happened since, most notably that her mother had died. Wondering what else to say she asks Eike about his business there and replies that he's looking for a sea hare antidote. She's surprised why he would want it but nonetheless gives some to him as they do have a bottle much to Eike's appreciation. Eike then gives Margaret a hard stare, wondering if she is his distant ancestor (which only causes her to flush with embarrassment.) Realising what's he just done, he apologises and quickly hurries off but Margarete tries to convince him to stay a bit longer, saying that they should chat a little, like things about the future. Eike then asks if everyone thinks he's from the future but she replies that no one really does except Hugo and herself as she believes that it's more interesting that way. Somewhat amused by this, Eike agrees to tell her about the future while they go on an errand together.

    Outside, Hugo spots them together with Eike telling Margerete about his friend, Eckart and how Eike met his great-grandfather who looks like a spitting image of him, particularly the hair (or lack thereof) to which Margarete amusingly remarks that it's very much like the squire's and that traits like that run through the family. Eike then also tells her that they both had daughters but Eckart's in particular was missing. Eike says it's as if Eckart is still waiting for her to come back. Margarete concedes with his theory, saying that it's a bit like Hugo waiting for his mother.

    At the end of the journey, Margarete tells him to wait as she finishes her errand. As she goes off Eike spots a figure in the corner of his eye that looks oddly similar to Dana. He gives chase but loses sight of her. He returns to Margarete and apologises, saying that he thought he saw Dana. She seems slightly disappointed by this and says that she ought to get back but not before stating that Eike really does seem to come from a different world. She tells him not to worry as she won't say anything to anyone about what Eike has told her, not that anyone would believe her anyway. He thanks her but then comes to a realisation that it's probably best if he doesn't leave anything behind whether it's physical objects or just stories like the ones he told Margarete.

    He explains to her of a what-if scenario that should a person ever have children, and should their children have children and so fourth then those people will exist up to his time but should be ever interfere with that link then those people will potentially never exist. Essentially, the more Eike tampers with the past the more exacerbated the results will become in the future. Maragaret doesn't full grasp the concept but she's still fascinated by Eike's time as if she feels a strong pull toward it and asks him to bring her there. Eike refuses, saying that it's too audacious to do such a thing. He also tells her that they might be distant ancestors (though Eike feels a strange wave overcome him when he does so) so that they should forget about him and live her life as normal as possible.

    Dejected by his refusal and that Eike sees her as just an ancestor she apologises to him, saying that it's nothing much to his discomfort. She tells him that she was born there, will one day marry and have children and die and then her children will have children and so fourth until eventually Eike is given birth and should she ever break from her decided fate then Eike would never exist, echoing their earlier conversation. Eike says she's quite right though he can't be entirely sure of his relation to her since he doesn't even know anything about his own parents anyway. Margarete understands the concept now and agrees that it's for the best but requests that he visit her so that he can tell her stories of the future to which he agrees.

    As Eike is just about to leave, Hugo enters and Margaret asks if he just got back but he replies that he's was actually eavesdropping on them all along but reassures Eike that he'll keep everything a secret. Margarete then asks Hugo if he's still carrying a lock of their mother's hair with him saying that she understand that he misses her but he "can't keep carrying that thing around forever." Hugo angrily retorts saying it's important to him and storms off into Dr. Wagner's lab. Eike then decides to leave but not before Margarete hands him her comb to let him take as a keepsake and for telling her stories. She explains that the comb belonged to her since she was little and that whenever she hold it she imagines a fatherly figure taking care of her. Eike is reluctant to take it off her as it seems signicant to her but she insists on it. Thanking her, he leaves and returns back to the present time.

    As he returns, he is seconds before the effects of the poison overcome him. With medicine in hand he quickly takes it and begins to feel better. He then examines Margarete's comb and looks skyward, deep in thought.

    Chapter 6

    The time is 11:00 o'clock late into the night.


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