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    Shadow of Intent

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    Shadow of Intent is an Assault Carrier Commanded by Ship master Ratas 'Vadum. It is part of the Covenant Separatist battle group Fleet of Retribution.

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    Ship Details

    The Shadow of Intent is a Covenant Separatist aligned Assault Carrier. It is commanded by Ship Master Rtas 'Vadum. The ship is 5,346 meters long and is armed with Plasma Torpedoes, Pulse Laser Turrets, and Energy Projectors. The Shadow of Intent is the flagship of the Covenant Seperatist Fleet of Retribution.


    Battle of Delta Halo

    After the Elites took control over all naval assets from the Brutes, the Shadow of Intent and the rest of the Elite forces were attempting to contain the flood infestation of High Charity. Despite the Elites best efforts the flood were able to break a single ship through.

    The "bridge"
    The Flood arrive on Earth 

    The Flood sent an infested covenant cruiser through slip space to Earth. The Fleet of Retribution (led by Rtas 'Vadum) broke off from the battle of High Charity and followed the flood. The Shadow of Intent and the rest of the fleet then supported the UNSC forces by landing troops and sending supplies. The fleet then began to glass the city of Voi and most of Kenya to prevent the flood from spreading.

    Assault on the Ark

    Shadow of Intent after being hit with a Flood Dispersal Pod
    Shadow of Intent after being hit with a Flood Dispersal Pod
    The ship lead a joint Human-Covenant Seperatist fleet in attacking the Prophet Truth's forces at the Ark. The combined force destroyed Truth's fleet despite being outnumbered three to one. The Shadow of Intent then sent troops and vehicles down to help the assault on the citadel in order to destroy Truth and stop the Halo rings from fireing. The ship began to bomb the shield protectingthe citadel asa diversionary action so ground forces could take down the shields. The ship was damaged  when the flood infested High Charity jumped through slip space to the ark andsent flood dispersal pods right through the hull of the ship. The Shadow of Intent suffered severe damage and could not fire heavy weapons and it was out of the fight. The ship was still able to return to earth under its own power.

    Going Home

    After the Arbiter attended the memorial for all the lost UNSC forces Ship Master Rtas' Vadum gave command of the Shadow of Intent to him and the fleet returned to the Elite home world of Sanghelios.


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