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Shadow of the colossus REVIEW

Shadow of the Colossus is the prequel to Ico but in stead of fighting a bunch of shadow thingies youll be navigating a world and fighting colossus.While I was fighting the colossus I noticed that these werent just boss battles they were puzzles that required you to think and act precisely or they would smash you, But also it was like playing a platform game since the beasts are like 20 storys high and you had to jump from limb to limb and stab them in there weak areas. There are no enemies in the game except for the 16 Colossi. But navigating the world is like walking through a painting its weird. Youll have rivers, dark forests, and mountains to climb. There are no maps only a sword that if you hold it where the sun is shining it will point towards the next colossi this is amazing the sword also always points to the monsters weakpoint, now all you have to do is get there and stab it. The bad things is the game is short like 4 hours long unless your fighting the 3rd colossus and fall in the water then it will take you 5 minutes to swim back to shore it took me 6 tries to make it that was so frustrating I started crying and cursing the people who made this game in my mind.... anyway, you will find out how Ico got horns in the game Ico, thats about it. But about the cursing and crying after I got past that part I was happy again and I love this game Its so different and I thought ico was different lets hope they keep this up for the next unnamed project on the PS3. I give shadow of the colossus a 5/5 because It made me cry.

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