Shadow of the Colossus

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Oct 18, 2005

    Explore the Forbidden Land as Wander, a young warrior who must slay sixteen Colossi in order to restore the life of a sacrificed maiden.

    turboman's Wander to Kyozou (PlayStation 2) review

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     Shadow of the Colossus is the Spiritual Successor to the beutiful ICO. The story, is simple, you are an un named explorer(Wander) that is trying to revive a girl(probably his lover) from the dead. To be able to do this, a godly figure tells you that you have to sleigh 16 different colossus. That's the story, you aren't really given too much of the story until the ending. Be warned that to be able to fully understand the ending, that you will have to be able to know what happened in ICO(which is pretty simple, you could look on any gaming website and be spoiled if you don't want to use up your money to buy/FIND ICO)

    Each Colossus is totally different from each other, and are all absolutely beautiful. Firstly, getting to the Colossus will take a little time, and allow you to view a lot of the beutiful world that the ICO team created for you to gawk at. Then you see the colossus, and stare at it, thinking, how the hell am I suppose to beat that thing. It does take some time to figure it out, and the game even helps you out if you take to long. Once you take down the Colossus, you'd think that you'd dance around in the room and claim that the monster was your **** but it's just meek music playing and then the monsters soul seems to go right through you, and then you go through this weird portal looking thing with a voice saying something.

    The Soundtrack of the game too, is brilliant. It really sets the mood of whatever your doing. When your climbing a huge collossus, loud and bright music plays, but when a colossus dies, the music dies down a lot.

    This game is a great addition to your collection, and if you think halfway through the game that it's not going anywhere, just wait until the ending, and you will be truely satisfied. Plus the game has a lot of extras/secrets, and people are still seeking for more things to discover(top of the castle/17th colossus). Even though it's probably not gonna happen, it's still interesting to keep seeing it and wait until someone actually does find it.    

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