Having finished the first two and their DLC / Bonus content, returning Shadow tomorrow.

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I played the first two reboot games to completion when new and got all their extras and everything, really enjoyed them.

I'm just bored playing Shadow. Currently sneaking through a camp of soldiers in Mexico (super early in the game) and there's a cascade of little things that are pulling me out of the game and draining any fun from it.

This stealthing is so dull now, and again I've not played the first two since new. How am I burned out on the first sequence? Small annoyances like not a single guard has made a sound after taking a pickaxe to the chest? Is it because they're trying to make it "realistic" when the kick the shit out of Lara with the environment, and then she just deletes soldiers like the Predator? Even still Lara herself is such a bore, her miserable line reads are flat as a fart. Maybe it's because I'm English myself I can hear how weirdly stage school (kids in early Potter movies) she is, but it's the same actress from the previous two right?

I have been playing the older ones knowing very well they're a totally different style of game, so in Legend she's quipping and talking to her support guys back in the mansion and in Anniversary she's on her own and happily platforms in silence - fighting the occasional dinosaur. The most glaring difference really is how you can actually see what you're doing - the stages are in daylight (so you don't rely on Survivor vision to ping everything as it's all blotted out in shadow) and while Legend is very linear, I was surprised at how open and prone to back tracking Anniversary was! It does really annoy me in Shadow when in the first stage you see "Requires Re-enforced Knife" when Lara is carrying two pickaxes a shotgun and an assault rifle and can't get through some boards without a special knife.

It's just now I've lost "immersion" I can't get back in. Everything has something that's a totally petty nitpick but they're constant and immediate.

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