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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review 0

As a big fan of Crystal Dynamics’ reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise, I couldn’t help but be disappointed with Eidos Montreal’s stab at the series with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I really like the emphasis on puzzle solving and role playing elements like crafting outfits and completing side quests, but it feels like less refined version of its two predecessors. The combat relies a little too heavily on sneaking around environments and stealth-killing enemies—I hardly foc...

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It's OK, I guess 0

Unsurprising, that is about the best I can say for this game.Lara Croft is once again on the trail of adventure. Trinity is still at large and trying to take over the world, again. This adventure takes Lara to South America to meet up with old and new friends and foes alike.This is the third game in this reboot of the the series and unfortunately the story is just as mailed in as the first two. The setting may have changed but it is more of the same half-hearted and short-sheeted emotional miss...

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Bow before the dual wield 0

No Inspiration NecessaryThe failings of this game are purely in their failure to recognize the nostalgia factor for games. I'm slowly starting to realize that in the hiring process of talent for a lot of games has little to do with experience playing anything in the series. We love to celebrate the pedigree of certain studios when we don't know what the actually staffing looks like throughout the years. The Zenimax purchase might be in name alone, with only the janitor from the formative years b...

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