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Mess with Lo, you get the Wang! 0

Claiming itself to be a throwback to 90's first person shooters. Shadow Warrior which was released in 2014 and developed by Flying Wild Hog, lives up to its boast as it heavily focuses on fierce combat, devastating weaponry, and overall simplicity. In addition, it also manages to stray away from that notorious pack consisting of mainly military themed shooters. Shadow Warrior takes the fantasy side as the main character Lo Wang battles against monsters whom seem to be from the nether realm. Lo W...

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Shadow Warrior is a great throwback for anyone who enjoyed the time when shooters were at the top of their game. 0

I think I am in love with this resurgence for reboots of old-school first-person shooters. It wasn’t long ago that Rise of the Triad released, and while not perfected, the game was a rediscovery for the past – its challenging gameplay and complex level design were taken from the 90s first-person shooter library. Shadow Warrior falls along the same lines. It’s not copying from anyone else; it hasn’t got crappy, forced multiplayer; and it certainly doesn’t come across like a game that was crafted ...

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Shadow Warrior's frenetic pace and fantastically gory melee combat is refreshing, though it still eventually loses steam 0

Shadow Warrior is the type of game that gates level progression behind colour coded pairs. Destroy the green shrine to break the green seal, pick up the red keycard to open the red door, and so on and so forth. It’s a homage to both its namesake and 90s shooters, adopting old-school game design and imbuing it with a modern flavour that strikes a balance between two eras. It’s bound to polarise audiences but the mesh of old and new mostly works, carried by rewarding melee combat and a reimagining...

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16 hour game with the content of a 4 hour game 0

Remember that friend you had and every time you would invite him over he stayed far beyond his welcome, ate your pizza and you always ended up waiting awkwardly for him to get out of your house and leave you alone? Shadow Warrior is that friend. The game's playtime massively outstays it's welcome. After about 4 hours nothing really happens and you learn you are less than 1/3 through the game. The game spends so much time meandering between poorly designed and repetitive enemy encounters. A good ...

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