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Of all the horrifying beasts that inhabit the island of Khorinis, few are more dangerous than the fearsome Shadowbeast.

Shadowbeasts are large predatory animals that dwell within the many caves and forests scattered throughout the island.
They are night hunters, preferering to sleep during the day.

Shadowbeasts are mainly covered in thick black-colored fur, with shades of white and grey.
They have horns protruding from their foreheads which doesn't seem to serve any purpose.

Their diet consists mainly of smaller prey, like scavengers, molerats, sometimes even wolves.
One shadowbeast can effectively handle whole groups of wolves on its own.
They are also extremely territorial, and won't  hesitate to attack and kill much bigger opponents that intrude into their territories.
Moreover, Shadowbeasts are also known to kill humans on occasions.
This does not happen a lot however, as most people know the many dangers within the forests of Khorinis and stick to the city and other densely populated areas.

Every hunters dream is find and kill a Shadowbeast, but only the most skilled hunter actually manage to do so.
Its horn, teeth and skins can be sold at the market for a very high price,
and those who have successfully bested this vile creature are almost guaranteed a boost to their reputation.


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