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    Shadowhand is a single player, turn-based card game developed by Grey Alien Games and published by Positech Games, released on PC on 12th December 2017.

    Mechanically similar to Solitaire, the game is split into individual stages where the player must either solve a puzzle or "duel" an AI character with the aim of reducing the other character's life to zero before they do the same to you.

    Using the core Solitaire mechanic of playing cards in numbered sequence to clear a board, Shadowhand expands the concept with RPG-style elements such as weapons, gear, consumable items and buffs. Every card removed from the board charges the character's weapons and items, allowing them to attack their opponent or use their abilities and consumables to their advantage. Items and weapons have attack and defence stats as well as buff and debuff effects that boost their stats or hamper the opponent's ability to play.

    The game is presented as a visual novel with a wry sense of humour, charting the escapades of an English aristocrat turned highway woman on an adventure to uncover a conspiracy and host the occasional formal ball.

    The game can be considered a successor to Regency Solitaire, also by Grey Alien Games.


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