How the FUDGE do you kill those guys.....*tiny spoiler*

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#1 Posted by shuetoe (7 posts) -

....with the pistons on their back?  I mean, I know you have to hit the pistons, but I'm at the gauntlet part and there are 2 of them.  No time to charge the boner and my dentist won't lock onto them.  Light shot does nothing and I'm getting pissx0red
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the teethgrinder. lock on, fire,  B X Y!!!! 

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I was able to get the dentist to lock onto the pistons, then I just sprayed and watched them go down. Just keep them in your view as long as possible (even when dodging) and you should be able to lock on.

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Honestly, this is the most bullshit part in the whole game, one of the only times I died on Normal. I ran away and locked on with the The Dentist until I was out of ammo and then relied to using the Hot Boner's alt fire bomb thing. 
Fighting those guys is my personal vote for worst QTE in a game ever.

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#5 Posted by FotoVerite (23 posts) -

Just alt fire on them with the boner, rinse and repeat. Even on Legion it only took about two hits. Really not that bad when you ge the hang of it. Don't waste time with the dentist the pistons soak up way too much damage. 

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#6 Posted by shuetoe (7 posts) -

Jah...the Boner seemed to do the job just fine 
So happy to be past that
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#7 Posted by Demoskinos (17350 posts) -
@Zippedbinders:  Agreed.  You can litterally not react fast enough to react fast enough to hit the button prompts.  I managed to get out of the hold one time on hard mode by pure luck.

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