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The game's devil really is in the details 1

This is the kind of game where the hype in the media is not enough to overtake the huge expectations from fans given the talent involved. Like a rock supergroup or the pairing of a successful actor and director, there's more than enough talent in Shadows of the Damned to think it'll be one of the best games of the year. Overseen by Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil 4, Vanquish), Goichi Suda or Suda 51 (Killer 7, No More Heroes) with music by Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, how can you not get exc...

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A clunky good old time. 2

Played through this casually over the course of a weekend. It's definately worth a go, but I'd say it's probably a rental for most people... First of all, since it seems that some people don't know what an impressive lineage this has (or even that it exists at all), SotD is the newest release from Grasshopper. (Killer 7, No More Heroes, etc). It's dev's are Suda51 and Shinji Mikami (creator of Resident Evil), so I personally find it kinda strange that it seems to have gone under most people's ...

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A Title With Damned Good Style, But Dated Gameplay 0

Shadows of the Damned is not simply your run of the mill third-person shooter game, rather this project represents years of work on the part of video game super-developers Goichi Suda, known for such cult hits as Killer7 and No More Heroes, and Shinji Mikami, the man behind such respected titles as Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. The fruits of their labour aren’t quite up to what you might expect from such luminaries, but there’s a good game here none the less.The protagonist Garcia and his sid...

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Garcia F******* Hotspur. 3

    You have to give EA a lot of credit these days providing publishing support for a new IP in a overly saturated sequel industry but Shadows does a good job of creating a possible franchise.  The game starts out when Demon Hunter Garcia Hotspur's girlfriend has been kidnapped by the lord of demons, and he hastily jumps down the portal of darkness to get her back.  Accompanied by your former demon pal, yet able to transform into guns and a torch Johnson.  You are more than well equipped to dive...

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Grind house meets gaming 0

I have been having a rough time when it comes to the video games I have played this month. After the walking abortion that was Duke Nukem Forever, the unexpected tediousness found in Alice and the dull, unsatisfying Transformers: Dark of the Moon I was about to right this entire month off. Then without warning, Shadows of the Damned walks into the room, standing erect and exploding with charm. Suda 51, the creator of No More Heroes and Killer 7, does a great job of entertaining us with Shadows ...

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Grip your Johnson and shoot your load all over this game. 0

Suda51 has made some cool games in his time, Killer 7 and No and More Heroes being his best pieces of work. Despite those games having such a cool artistic style and overall presentation, that same skill used to make them look great did not translate over to making them play great. So Suda's got a helping hand from Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil 4 fame, if you never played Resident Evil 4, that game was fantastic. They also brought on Akira Yamaoka, he did the sound for Silent Hill which had a b...

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Suda 51 Finally Delivers 0

Suda 51, for me, has been the most over-rated producer out there. Killer 7 was an abjectly abysmal game with horrific gameplay but odd visuals. No More Heroes were substantially better games, but they were relentlessly redundant. They did get better (the sequel was way more playable than the original), but they weren't terribly awesome games. So, I had a bit of concern when I decided to give this game a chance.  ...and Suda 51, for the first time, actually made a good game. I don't think it's th...

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A disappointment, but not without merit. 0

Shadows of the Damned, in which Garcia Hotspur ventures through Hell to save his girlfriend Paula from the demon lord Fleming with the aid of his trusty sidekick, the flaming, talking skull Johnson (capable of transforming into a torch, a motorbike and a variety of guns for Garcia to use), is a very disappointing third-person shooter.  Its primary problem is simple: Garcia is overpowered. His dodge roll is quick and spammable, and he's invincible for the duration of the move. He has at his dispo...

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A "Trip" Worth Taking... for some 0

Shadows of the Damned isn’t an easy game to pin down. Sure, the gameplay itself doesn’t wildly deviate from Shinji Mikami’s previous titles, with the shooting aspect almost directly lifted from Resident Evil 4, and light puzzles strewn about. On the surface, it’s also a pretty traditional story. You (Garcia Hotspur) come home from a long day of demon hunting to catch Fleming, prime haunt of the underworld, stealing your girlfriend. You and your partner Johnson (a flaming skull on a stick) give c...

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Magic Johnson has a cure for Hell's AIDS 0

Shadows of the Damned is an important game. Sure, it features fantastically tight gameplay, an eccentric and entertaining series of key characters, and a soundtrack you’d be more than happy to buy on iTunes for ten or more dollars, but there’s something a lot more important going on here. What this game represents is the near-perfect collaboration of two men to whom Japanese gaming owes a reasonable debt.The first man is  Goichi  Suda (more famously known as  Suda 51), the eccentric and arguably...

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A tale of love, demons, and phallic jokes. 0

Shadows of the Damned is the second joint project of game making crazy people Goichi Suda and Shinji Mikami. Joining the crew this time is sound design genius Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame. Any fan of Suda and Mikami should have a certain expectation for this game going in, but it's up to you if that expectation is met.When I first started playing Shadows of the Damned I was fully expecting a crazy, weird, creepy in several senses of the word, and downright absurd game. About half way throug...

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Shadows of the Damned: The only time I'm happy to go to hell. 0

When it comes to games that bombard the player with a flurry of jokes that relate to genitalia, intercourse and other bodily functions, I usually turn my head and walk away. Shadows of the Damned is one of those games, but my response was surprisingly different for one major reason; the game realizes that it is ridiculous.Let me take Duke Nukem Forever as a comparison. It goes out of its way to establish its hero, Duke, as a complete bad-ass. Women want to be with him, men want to be him, and al...

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My name is Garcia Hotspur. You stole my woman. Prepare to die. 0

The cover art for Shadows of the Damned includes a bit of text that reads, "A Suda51 Trip." When it comes to Suda51 titles, they are less like games and more like complete mind jobs, often eschewing traditional styles and tropes to create new ones that fit his twisted vision. Previous Suda51 games include Killer 7, a fantastic piece of crazy about assassins and more recently, No More Heroes. While Shadows of the Damned is no different from his previous stylistic offerings, the game is special be...

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Damned from the start 0

 From one of the creators behind some of Japan's biggest games, Shadows of the Damned sees Shinji Yakami struggle to make a game as innovative as many other contributions to the market he has made. It looks like a case of trying to stick to what may have worked in the past, another walking shooter. I say walking shooter because when you need to take aim there is always the slight delay and pause that is typical of the Resident Evil franchise, the staggered stops and starts between aiming and sho...

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It needs a little more thrust. 0

Note: this is me re-edit, I didn't want to write a second review. This was played on the 360. Minor spoilers.I will break it apart as such- a short sentence review, then a much more detailed write-up, though probably shorter than other individuals as it is my first.In short, a fun an interesting title, but certainly very odd and abstract. Also, it contains phallic jokes up the....stairs. I'm really trying to avoid puns.We begin with an opening sequence that introduces us to our main character, G...

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A Road Trip That Is Just Magnifico... 0

        If you ever liked underrated and crazy Japanese games, you might heard of a man named Suda 51 from Grasshopper, recently known for the No More Heroes franchise. Usually with his games, he delivers an unorthodox style that can be described as insane and twisted, but the gameplay aspect does lack a bit. If you combine that style of presentation, atmosphere, and storytelling with Resident Evil 4-like gunplay that was pioneered by Shinji Mikami, you get a game called Shadows of the Damned. E...

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Shadows of the Damned Review: The bullet train is here 0

Shadows if the Damned is the brainchild of Suda 51, Shinji Mikami and Akira Yamaoka, and it shows. Its a 3rd person shooter, but it oozes Japanese creativity and whacky design. Unfortunately, a lot of this creativity goes into artistic design and concepts rather then level design or game play elements. Shadows of the Damned is not as unique as you would imagine a game from these minds would be. What it is is a solid 3rd person shooter with funny script and a blast of a campaign to experience.   ...

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Suda-51's latest is a dam good ride 0

Popcorn gaming is a term I am on a crusade to get into the greater gaming lexicon. It refers to those games we play that we all know are dumb, the ones that dont innovate and try to change the way all future games are made or have some socio-political point to make about the world. No, it refers to those games that hark back to the beginning of the industry where paying strippers to show pixelated boobs and blasting floating one eyed demons without any real reason was one of the most entertaini...

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Shadows of the Damned Review 0

Suda 51 is back with his latest creation. This time the game has found its way on the XBOX360 and will have you playing the part of Garcia Hotspur, Demon Hunter. After another successful outing Hotspur comes home to his hot girlfriend only to find that the current bad-ass in Hell, Fleming, has decided that he's had enough with Hotspur's murders and steals away the girlfriend. This leaves Hotspur with only one choice, he must journey into hell and rescue her. The problem is that there's going to ...

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That is one hard man. 0

I'm quite a big fan of the stuff Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami have created. Resident Evil 4 is without a doubt one of the greatest games ever created and Killer 7 in particular is one of my personal favourites, I'd love to see a re-release of that on PS3 with Move support. So I was looking forward to playing Shadows of the Damned, and yeah, it's typical Suda 51 for sure.You play as Garcia 'fucking' Hotspur, a demon hunter on a quest into the underworld to rescue your girlfriend, Paula. So far so me...

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Not for Everyone, but might be for you. 0

To say this game is polarizing is a bit of an understatement.  Any technical criticisms (control, I would say are the biggest) levied against it are legitimate. However when viewed as an entire piece of work, this game is one that expertly entertains.  I've said that if you are of the type of person who really enjoyed 1) The Evil Dead movies(humor/style), 2) From Dusk Till Dawn (setting/style/tone) 3) Resident Evil 4 (mechanics) than you will most likely love this game.   The 3 talented develope...

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A Supergroup That's More Cream than Chickenfoot 0

Supergroups sound like a great idea on paper: take established artists, clump them together in one band and let them collaborate without interference. However, the same reasons that make the supergroup concept so exciting are often their undoing.Famous artists are famous for a reason. They do something people enjoy and they do it well. The trick with supergroups is melding those talents together and hoping the end result is something cohesive. Sometimes you get Cream, the original supergroup and...

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A Unique Experience 0

Suda51 is fucking crazy. If you’ve played any one of his games, you know that he comes up with the most random but creative gameplay scenarios in video games today. Unfortunately, those creative ideas usually come with a bit of iffy gameplay, proving that you can’t be a jack of all trades in the gaming industry. When he announced Shadows of the Damned a few years ago and said that Shinji Mikami would be onboard as the gameplay producer, gamers everywhere rejoiced. Standards were unbelievably hig...

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