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    Although not technically zombies, these weird variations on the zombie cause massive trouble for Agent Francis York Morgan in his investigation during Deadly Premonition.

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    Limbo Zombies are spottable by their distinguishable gait. Instead of walking straight towards their target, they lean over backwards when approaching, unfortunately this leaves them susceptible to headshots. Once they have reached their target they will attempt to grab them or put their hands in their mouth, once this has happened they must be shook free or they will kill their target. They are also known to use hand held weapons such as Baseball Bats and Ice Axes and some even use Shotguns to great effect.  
    They are possess supernatural locomotion. While they are in this state, they can be quite dangerous, as they are able to quickly catch up on their victim.
    It is not recommended to stay in one spot for too long.
    Shadows carrying firearms will use them as melee weapons if necessary.

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