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    Appearing in Metal Gear Solid 3, this is not a Metal Gear, but a parallel design, it was built for the same function as the future Metal Gears.

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    Designed by Nikolai Sokolov, The Shagohod's prototype was completed in 1964. Built under supervision by Colonel Volgin, The Shagohod was supposed to be the trump card agains the United States during the cold war, with it's ability to launch nuclear missiles from any kind of terrain, superior firepower (DShKM heavy machine guns, Kobra SAM guided missiles among other weapons), and it's ability to use rocket boosters as a way of gaining speed. The Shagohod's armor is thick, bullets wont penetrate it and RPG fire is useless unless fired on the weak spots if available. The Shagohod is a massive machine, the real size is estimated to be 75 feet long by 27 feet high. It is not a Metal Gear, but a similar project being developed simulateously with the Metal Gear REX project (Granin's project) and appearence wise is very different from Metal Gears. The biggest difference is that it's not a bi-pedal vehicle, a trademark feature of Metal Gear models.  


    After a fight with Volgin, Snake escapes the hangar The Shagohod is being stored in, and with all the C3 planted in the hangar, leaves Volgin and The Shagohod to be obliterated in the blast, but as he gets away, Colonel Volgin manages to get inside and activate The Shagohod, using it to rip open the hangar's roof with it's front grinders. Snake gets on EVA's bike, and the pair make an escape, being pursued by dozens of Russian troops in motorcycles, Ocelot and The Shagohod. The pair manage to get across a bridge where EVA has planted some C3, and Snake shoots the C3 just as The Shagohod is crossing it with a SVD rifle. The Shagohod dumps it's rear part, and uses the grinders to climb up the cliff. Here, Snake uses an RPG to shoot the damaged part of the vehicle, and once it's taken enough damage, Volgin gets out of the cockpit, uses his hands to smash through the armor and by holding the wires connected to the control unit, manages to keep control. Snake shoots Volgin while he chases EVA, and Volgin ultimately gets struck by a lightning.

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