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In many cultures, shaman are spiritual leaders and guides. Many believe they act as intermediaries between the mortal realm and the afterlife or other various spiritual realms. They often offer remedies to cure illnesses of both mind, body, and soul.


Barbarian Shaman
Barbarian Shaman

In EverQuest, shaman are one of the most versatile classes in the game, but their strength comes in the form of the many buffs and debuffs that they offer to a group of adventurers. They melee better than either of the other two priest classes ( Cleric and Druid), and along with their healing and health buffs, they also offer haste. One of their most powerful spells comes in their ability to slow enemies, keeping damage to the party's tank to a minimum. While their healing skills do not match that of a Cleric, a Shaman lighten the load on a Cleric with his/her Regeneration line of spells. Shaman have the unique tradeskill to craft potions, which can be sold to other adventurers giving them ability of invisibility, Spirit of Wolf, teleportation, illusion, and many other things. Shaman can wear chainmail, which enhances their ability to mitigate damage while working their magics.

World of Warcraft

The shaman class was unique to the Horde faction before the first expansion pack, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, made shamans available to each faction. Depending on how a player chooses to play the shaman, the shaman class can both be an excellent healer and damage dealer - although not at the same time. The most unique aspect of the shaman class, is its different totems. Totems can be placed on the ground for a period of time to temporary buff the shaman and his allies within the totems' range. The shaman is able to place four totems at once, so it is up to the player to decide which totems provide the most benefit in the current situation.

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