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    Shana is the white dragoon from The Legend of Dragoon. She serves as the love interest for the main character, Dart.

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    Shana is the young childhood friend of lead hero Dart in the game The Legend of Dragoon. The game opens with her being kidnapped from the village of Seles, and imprisoned for unknown reasons in Hellena Prison. Dart discovers this and sets out to rescue her. She officially joins the party upon her rescue, and she relies on a bow as her weapon of choice (this is unfortunate as she has no additions like all the other playable characters). Early on in the game, it can be easily seen by the player (and almost everyone in the game besides Dart) that there is some sort of hidden chemistry between her and Dart, with Dart always thinking of her as a little sister instead of girlfriend material.

    Shana is the first White Silver Dragoon of the party. She obtains her stone after Dart and the party win it from the spirit of an original Dragoon, Shirley. They use it to heal Shana from a serious poisoning, and it recognizes her as its new owner. She later loses ownership of the stone to Miranda, mysteriously, in the Crystal Palace of Deningrad. Miranda also replaces her as a playable character, with Shana becoming more of a story-based character. As the White Silver Dragoon, her abilities are more healing/holy-oriented. Her Dragoon abilities are:

    • Moon Light: Fully heal ally (HP, Status ailments, and KO); single target (10 MP)
    • Star Children: 25% Light Damage; all enemies (20 MP)
    • Gates of Heaven: Fully heal all allies (HP, Status ailments, and KO); all allies (30 MP)
    • White Silver Dragon: 100% Light Damage; all enemies (80 MP)

    It is revealed through the story that Shana was kidnapped in a conspiracy dating back to the Dragon Campaign some 11,000 years earlier. It turns out that 18 years ago, in Neet, there were two twin princess babies, one of whom was Shana. She escaped, and the Black Monster (whose purpose was to destroy the Moon Child) killed her twin sister instead, not knowing Shana was actually the Moon Child. As the Moon Child, Shana possessed the soul of the Virage Embryo, or the God of Destruction. She was kidnapped by Lloyd, who was convinced by a possessed Zieg Feld that she would help bring about a utopian world. As it would happen, Melbu Frahma only used her to help bring about the God of Destruction (which she was to originally become) before switching places with her to assume said position. In the end, Melbu is defeated before becoming an all-powerful god, and Shana is rescued by Dart and company. In the ending scenes, she is seen with Dart holding her close as Seles is being rebuilt, suggesting their romance had come to fruition.

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