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    Shane Bettenhausen

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    Shane Bettenhausen works at SCEA in Business Development for indepedent developers. He was formerly an editor for Electronic Gaming Monthly, editor for the 1UP Network and Director of Business development at Ignition Entertainment.

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    Shane "Mangod" Bettenhausen is a former games journalist who is best known for being the Senior Executive Editor for Electronic Gaming Monthly and for his contributions to the 1UP Network in general. In his tenure at the 1UP Network, he contributed content for and made regular appearances on 1UP Yours, the 1UP Show,, Broken Pixels, Retronauts and EGM Live/1UP FM.

    Bettenhausen is known for his frank views and love of Japanese culture, sometimes resulting in him being called a PS3 "fanboy" for the statements he has made on 1UP Yours in defense of the PlayStation 3 before and post release. He is also known for his numerous and often fiery arguments with Luke Smith on the podcast. His love of popular celebrity culture has seen him frequently mentioning socialites such as Lindsay Lohan on 1UP Yours.

    Before working in gaming journalism, he worked at an EB Games for 5 years. He then went on to work for with people like Dan "Shoe" Hsu before being laid off from that job and eventually moving to EGM in 2000.

    He appeared on the industry-wide respected 1UP Yours podcast and the video podcast The 1UP show.

    Bettenhausen is also good friends with Giant Bomb's very own Brad Shoemaker.

    Shane left 1UP/EGM at the time of the UGO takeover and closing of the magazine on January 7, 2009. On January 14th, he announced on the Rebel FM Podcast that he accepted a job with Ignition Entertainment as their new Director of Business Development. His first game with them was Blue Dragon Plus, although he has been credited in games prior to this.

    He stated that his new position at a smaller publisher would allow him to have a greater degree of impact within the industry, and explained how he once turned down a job for Sony PR.

    On the September 14th 8-4 Play podcast he announced that he had left Ignition after having launched El Shaddai in the UK. He described his departure from the company as being "bittersweet".

    It was announced on 16th September 2011 that Shane would be joining Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEA) in Developer Relations and Business Development.


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