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Now get ready to make your way to the top by smashing all the snazzy-wiggles, paper-pushers, brown-nosers and clock-jockeys. Have fun in the office when the boss is not looking by spending your savings on the stock market, flirt with co-workers and partake in day-to-day office politics.

Unlock and upgrade your card set while managing your combos to battle high-level enemies in the workplace. Grow character and office design and through hard work and being super smooth, you might even have a chance at becoming the CEO.

And don’t worry if you fail, you can always put pressure on your kids to follow your dreams and playing as the next generation you might stand a chance.



The main story line of S.O.S. evolves around stepping up the ladder of your office career. Your career development is dependent on the choices you make at key events as well as your character growth, which affects your opportunities.

Take chances and you might have a chance at becoming the CEO.

Character Growth

Make sure to grow the stats of your character!

Character health, Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Management and Comprehension will affect the direction of your story.

Additionally, the character has personality traits which are developed through the actions taken in the story which also affects the battle system.


Your characters career duration is dependent on energy. Most actions you take whether it is proceeding through the story line, battling rivals or play any of the minigames, will cost energy points. Once your characters energy runs out, he will retire straight away.


When your character retires, all his money, abilities and cards will be passed on to your next generation. This way, you are more likely to get even further and unlock new exiting parts of the story and a step closer to the title of CEO.

Business Start-ups

If you are unsatisfied with how your boss treats you, feel free to start up your own business. But beware, it is not always as easy as one might think.

Happyness & Stress

It’s also essential to manage your work/life balance by hanging out with mates, going to the bars and buying new sneakers. When overloaded at work these will certainly help you escape and relief from enormous pressures.

It’s smart to balance your work pressure and happiness in game. If you are happy, you can develop good habits and a good personality.


Happiness determines the max pressures you can take in-game, you can obtain happiness by completing mini missions.


Characters will be stressed after battles or work, once you stress level gets close to the level of happiness, it’ll start to have a series of negative impact on your work life.

Battle System


In the storyline, you often get into situations where you can choose between different options. In many of these you will get the choice to fight against your co-workers.


Cards are unlocked as you develop your character and can then be acquired in the knowledge system. After getting new cards, you will also be able to unlock card combos which gives you a great boost when the card combination shows up on your hand.

Wheel of buffs

When developing your character, you can unlock various battle buffs.

At the beginning of each battle you will be able to spin the wheel of buffs and get a random buff that will last you throughout the fight.

Now get ready to enter a journey into an office environment full of strange coworkers and see yourself ending up in weird situations.

Stay tuned for more insights into the Shanghai Office Simulator and learn some funky skills that you may or may not be able to use in real life!


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