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A Great Installment for the Shantae Series!

Shantae has made it's debut on the Nintendo Switch and its fantastic. As a fan of the Shantae series I was not disappointed by this game. It keeps the main formula while improving a few things that bothered me in the past installments. This game introduces dances which can be used to change into different creatures to get to areas you couldn't as regular Shantae, or conjure different spells that can heal you, make you rich, teleport to previous areas, and more! Heart Squids from Shantae and The Pirates Curse have been replaced by Heart Holders so instead of finding four Heart Squids and taking them to town to get smashed into an extra heart, you now just pick up the Heart Holder and get an additional heart (much like a Heart Container in The Legend of Zelda).

Unfortunately upgrading your hair whip speed and damage you deal you still just pay for at the shop which isn't that fun and could easily have been a hidden object in a level that takes more effort. Also if you aren't a fan of backtracking this game may not be for you. Backtracking is mandatory and will appear after almost every level you beat. Though it is fun to come back to previous levels with new abilities to find hidden items/upgrades, I hate having to go back because the game made me.

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Platforming is the core game play of 1/2 Genie Hero and it does it very well. Never did I fell like the game was asking to much for me and with the Monkey Dance, platforming is fun and a breeze. So sequences remind of Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo like when you're sliding down a factory jumping over cliffs and avoiding enemy attacks. This Shantae I would say is the easiest one to pick up so if you've been curious to play a Shantae game, I say this would be a great start. This is also the best looking Shantae of the series. For the first time they have gotten rid of the pixelated sprites and replaced them with smoothly animated sharp ones as well as have 3D environments sprinkled throughtout. This game is pure fun and I'd recommend it to any platforming fan.

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