Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is Officially out today. Anyone here Man enough to play it?

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So today marks the release of many anticipated games within 2018 such as OnRush, Vampyr, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and more. But June 5th will forever be known as Shaq Fu day. Why? Because we got an unlikely sequel to one of the worst fighting games ever out now: Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn. Though this game is quite different to its predecessor in that its a beat 'em up rather than a fighting game this time, so no science can be conducted here. Here's the trailer:

But as the thread title suggests, is anyone here willing to play it? It came out on all consoles and you can buy it for 30 bucks, but you can get it for free if you already bought NBA Playgrounds Pre-Update (A nice bonus). I'm curious to see how this is. It definitely looks better than Bubsy: Woolies Strike Back, but that isn't saying much. Is one of the celebrity bosses Kobe Bryant, considering the bad blood Shaq and Kobe developed back in the early 2000's? Maybe this is an OK Beat em' Up? As of right now this game has no reviews out, but neither does Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, so we'll see.

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You can only do Shaq Fu once I'm afraid. Most people here are either too old to be suckered in to bad nostalgia or too young to care at all.

And this is the only real Shaq Fu trailer, imho:

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This is like whenever they make a sequel to an unintentionally hilariously bad movie like the recent Samurai Cop 2. The problem is that now the people involved are in on the joke so you end up with just a bad movie with intentional unfunny attempts at humor.

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Its not bad

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It's not bad. But it's definitely not good

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I had fun with it but it's definitely not worth the price tag, especially since there's no modes/unlocks for replay value.

Looking at the screenshots here on GB, that looks like a WAY BETTER game. What happened?

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