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    Shar Vahl

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    Shar Vahl is the home city of the Vah Shir, a race of noble cat people on Norrath's second moon, Luclin.

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    Entering Shar Vahl
    Entering Shar Vahl

    Shar Vahl is the home city of the Vah Shir. The city sits in the center of the massive crater created by the chunk of Norrathian soil that the Vah Shir's ancestors rode in on. Many years ago, there was a great war between the Erudites and a rebel faction of their own people they referred to as the Heretics. The Heretics had chosen to study necromancy, which was forbidden by the teachings of Erud. The two armies entered battle in the darkness of Toxxulia Forest, and when their magical energies collided, an enormous explosion occurred. This explosion created what is now known as The Hole, but it also blasted a large portion of Kerra Isle clear off the face of the planet. The Kerra are a race of cat people who were simply innocent by standers in the Erudite war. The Vah Shir were nobles of the Kerran society, and some of them survived after crashing into the moon of Luclin. Some believe this was by the grace of the Maiden of Shadows herself.

    The Royal Palace
    The Royal Palace

    The Vah Shir have no written language, for they believe that the cataclysm that led to them being blasted here was in part due to the Erudites' constant study of books and the arcane magics within them. Their history is passed down by word and song by the community's bards and shaman. The crater itself works quite well as a wall of defense between Shadeweaver's Thicket and Hollowshade Moor. Only two bridges lead to the city itself, one on each side. The Vah Shir are quite happy with the influx of new people to Luclin, as it brings new goods to their city as well as stories from adventurers that not only explain what happened on Odus between the Erudites, but other history as well. The city is built almost entirely out of acrylia, a metal ore found in the Grimling Forest. It gives the city a unique look. On the east side of town is a large arena as well several shops for tradeskills and a bank. On the west side of town is an elaborate castle where King Raja Kerrath resides. For decades now, he has guided his people through relative peace and prosperity.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Citizens of Shar Vahl
    • Guardians of Shar Vahl

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Arena (North)Bags, Instruments, GemsBaking, Brewing, Jewelry, Pottery, Smithing, TailoringKiln, Pottery Wheel, Forge, Loom
    Arena (South)Bank, Food, Potions, Alcohol, Shaman/Beastlord SpellsAlchemy, Brewing, JewelryBrew Barrel, Oven
    The ArmoryWeapons
    Dar KhuraBooksAlchemy
    Library (North)Jewelry, Books
    Library (South)BooksSmithing
    North QuarterFood & Water, General Supplies, Weapons, Shields, Augments, AlcoholBaking, Smithing, TailoringOven, Forge
    Rebirth SquareFood & Water, Alcohol, General Supplies, Leather Armor, Weapons, Cloth ArmorFletching, Poisoncraft, PotteryPottery Wheel, Oven
    Royal Palace BakingOven

    Guild Halls

    Guild HallClassesGuildmaster
    Khati ShaBeastlordsElder Animist Sahdi
    SavageclawsBerserkersVrasha Piennsa
    JharinBardsElder Hymnist Hortitosh
    TaruunRoguesMaster Taruun Rakutah
    Dar KhuraShamanElder Spiritist Grawleh
    Khala DunWarriorsElder Veteran Muhrak

    Notable NPCs

    • King Raja Kerrath
    • Registrar Bindarah
    • Shainai
    • Tailfang

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