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Shari Elliker's voice acting credits according to IMDb: 

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: Female Imperials
Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal: (role not specified)
Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon: (role not specified)
Fallout 3: Beatrice Armstrong/ Star Paladin Cross/ Victoria Watts/ Bleak/ Brailee Ewers/ Brick/ Carolina Red/ Christie Young/ Cindy Cantelli/ Cutter/ Knight Captain Dusk/ Ellen DeLoria/ Holly/ Scribe Jameson/ Janet Rockwell/ Janice Kaplinski/ Jenny Stahl/ Jessica/ Karen Schenzy/ Kimba/ Linda Smith/ Lydia Montenegro/ Mabel Henderson/ Branchtender Maple/ Martha Simpson/ Martha Wilson/ Mei Wong/ Millicent Wellington/ Defender Morgan/ Pat Neusbaum/ Silver/ Simone Cameron/ Sonora Cruz/ Tammy Hargrave/ Tanya 'The AntAgonizer' Cristoff. 


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