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In the fictional world of Sharin no Kuni, there are no prisons. Criminals aren't detained and locked away, but instead are left in society and given special "obligations" they must fulfill in order to rehabilitate themselves. These obligations can range from simple community service to a total prohibition on contact with the opposite sex. The ones who oversee those with obligations and guide their rehabilitation are known as "Special High Class Individuals." These people hold great power, and the protagonist Morita Kenichi is in the final training stages to become one. Unfortunately his trainer is the extremely brutal and pragmatic Houzuki Masaomi, who stands to test the patience and fortitude of Kenichi and the three young female students he's been assigned to. To further complicate things, Kenichi's past is shrouded in secrecy and is deeply entangled with the history of the small village he's been assigned to and the girls he's rehabilitating, unbeknownst to them.

The game is a linear visual novel with no branching paths. Many of the dialog choices don't have much meaning. Becoming romantically involved with one of the girls does not alter the story at all, with the only difference being the epilogues.

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