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    Sharp Corporation

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    They make electronics.

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    In the video game industry, Sharp is known for the following:

    • In 1968, Sharp engineer Tadashi Sasaki conceived the concept of a single-chip microprocessor. He discussed his idea with Busicom and Intel, leading to the development of the first microprocessor, the Intel 4004, released in 1971.
    • In 1970, they worked with Nintendo to produce solar-powered light guns, the first commercially available light guns for home use.
    • In 1978, they released the Sharp MZ, one of the first personal computers to play video games.
    • In 1982, they released the Sharp X1, the successor to the Sharp MZ computer.
    • In 1987, they released their next computer, the Sharp X68000, the most powerful home gaming system of its time. It served as the basis for Capcom's CPS-1 arcade system, and remained the most powerful home gaming system up until the release of the Neo Geo console in 1990.


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