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Meh - sorry can't think of better title

The developer behind Shatter is New Zealand based Sidhe Interactive. Sidhe's most notable game is the multiplatform game GripShift. Which was an original puzzle racer platformer game.

 round != fun
 round != fun

Shatter in other hands lends a lot from Pong, Breakout or Arkanoid. Which should be in some form familiar to any gamer. This is of course a basic block-breaking action. Shatter comes with some new additions and updated graphics. Platform for my Shatter experience was PC and more specifically the Steam version. Thanks to Steam's recent treasure hunt promotion.

The game screen consists of various different blocks where the bouncing ball is used to break these. Bouncing controlled by the paddle. Again the same as in the 1972 title. The new additions here are: the shield and s shooting ability. Although these have already existed on Arkanoid in one form or another. Controls are simple, Mouse for the paddle which work mostly well. Only problem comes in the round levels where the paddle follows a circular path. The movement path getting really short as well as the whole level making the gameplay slightly clunky.

Besides the shield and the weapon mode the beloved paddle can also blow/suck air. Making the not attached blocks fall. If these drop past the paddle these count as removed blocks. The blocks also drop smaller pellets that can be sucked for more points and building the weapon ability meter. The weapon can only be unleashed when full. This shooting blocks for couple of seconds. The air can also control the balls projector y adding a yet another feature to ease the action.


One of the games selling points is the excellent soundtrack. Even non-fans of the electronic genre (that would me) can appreciate the refreshing techno tunes and the occasional guitar tracks. The songs go well together with games visuals which are simple and stylistic 3D images. Modern visuals and sounds make this very enjoyable game to look and listen to.

Game actually has a story mode where the paddles journeys followed. After seven levels a boss is fought. Different modes besides the story are endless, time attack, bonus and a boss rush mode.. The usual cheevos and leaderboard that shows the progress against friend-list is displayed on each stage.

Unfortunate that the round stages are really not fun to play. The occasional collision detection issues where the ball would just go through wont help either. I applaud the thought behind the game where such old classic gameplay is used. Despite all the shiny things. This is still a basic Block-Breaking game. 

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