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3.75 stars 3.75/5 Stars Average score of 4 user reviews spread across 2 releases and 2 DLC

Don't get it unless you meet the requirements 0

I got this game for $15 on Steam. It is sort of like Counter Strike/Halo in space. You can turn and fly around in all directions, which means you have to look out for enemies above and below you. This is the coolest aspect of the game. I've never seen it before in an online shooter.The graphics are amazing, but require Windows Vista or 7, because it uses DirectX10 only. Even then, you must have a powerful system to play the game. I'm using an 8800gtx (768mb) and an E6600 Duo Core (2.4ghz) proces...

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Space, The Final Death Battle. My DarkZero Review 2

 If you are a PC gamer, then you'll probably know Shattered Horizon's developer Futuremark. They are well known for their 3DMark computer benchmark software, which determines how much of a monster your PC really is at gaming with the latest graphic technologies. Futuremark are now having a stab at making a full game. It's no wonder then that Shattered Horizon requires a DirectX 10 compatible graphics card, so you're going to have to be running Windows Vista or Windows 7 to give this game a whirl...

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Space Marines Fight in THE THIRD DIMENSION 0

Despite the fps genre's love of space marines and space in general, there is certainly quite a lack of fighting in... well... er... space. Zero gravity is a weird thing concept for most fps games because, well, they rely on "wasd" (this is, of course, referring solely to pc fps games, which is what Shattered Horizon is). W and S control one axis of movement and A and D control the other axis. By incorporating zero gravity, however, a third dimension is involved. The Z axis. I think you can see h...

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Shattered Horizon: Send More Weapons! 0

Shattered Horizon  has long been notable as the first game by  Futuremark , the makers of benchmarking software.  One would expect their game to be visually fantastic, and it  is .  What's more, Shattered Horizon is fantastic as a game.  It is also probably the  only  multi-player first person shooter set in a realistic space environment.  I can't tell you if the way it depicts gun fights in space is completely factually accurate, but it  feels  like it, and this is why it works superbly.  And ...

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