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    Shawn Elliott

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    Shawn Elliott is a former writer for GFW/ and mainstay of the infamous GFW Radio podcast. He is now working as a level designer at Arkane Austin.

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    Current Project

    In September 2008, Elliot left the 1UP team to work as an Associate Producer on "The Project" at Irrational Games, later revealed to be BioShock Infinite. Before Infinite was announced, Elliott revealed on his twitter that he'd be promoted to Level Designer on the game. Following the closure of Irrational Games, Elliott announced on April 15, 2014 via Twitter that he would be joining Arkane Studios in Austin Texas.

    GFW Characters

    Over the years of GFW Radio, Shawn Elliot voiced characters during a segment titled "Heroes of the Web" that many found entertaining. Most notably:


    Ralphie: A whiny prepubescent character. Shawn has used this voice in Team Fortress 2 griefing videos, among others.

    Whiskey Nerd: A rough, alcohol swilling nerd with a superiority complex.

    Emo Nerd: A depressed / obsessive character, who often has an emotional attachment or tender feelings for video game characters. Think Sonic-the-Hedgehog-Furry-Love-Slash-Fan-Fiction.

    Heroes of the Web: A segment of GFW Radio dedicated specifically to the ridicule of forum and message board posters. Elliott would often take on the role of one of his aforementioned characters during the bits, reading the inane (and often socially maladjusted) posts verbatim. One of his most famous "Heroes of the Web" covered a now infamous website devoted to people sexually obsessed with characters from the Sonic universe (among other video game characters, such as Boo from Mario). The thread in question featured a poster who had claimed to have had "married Sonic," providing a link for others in the thread to do the same.

    A small collection of 'Heroes of the Web' segments can be found here.

    Out of the Game (Podcast)

    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!
    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!


    Shawn Elliott's new podcast, featuring former GFW/1up members Robert Ashley, Jeff Green, Luke Smith, and former game journalist N'Gai Croal. They discuss a variety of topics, from games and books to current events. There was a near 10-Month hiatus in between Episode 16 and 17. Originally intended to be released bi-weekly, the podcast currently has a release schedule that now varies from several weeks to months.

    Irrational Games Podcasts

    Shawn Elliott is the host of both Irrational Behavior and Irrational Interviews. Irrational Behavior gives listeners a taste of the game development process and each episode explores a central theme, that include making a trailer or the nerd culture. Irrational Interviews features Elliott along with Ken Levine interviewing a game developer or special guest.


    Elliot regularly posts random images, videos, or news stories on his personal twitter, many of which are not safe for work.


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