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    Shawn Natko

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    Hailing from humble, working-class beginnings, the cynical, pessimistic Cpl. Shawn Natko is the third member of Killzone 2's Alpha Squad. He's the Alpha Squad's best hand-to-hand fighter and demolitions expert.

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    Corporal Shawn Natko

    General Information

    • Position:  "Natko" is one of four members of the ISA Vekta Special Forces Team Alpha. 
    • Age:  31
    • Military Affiliation:  ISA Vekta Army
    • Personality:  Cynical, pessimist, rumor-monger, sometimes sloppy
    • Personal Goals/Aims:  Natko has no great ideological drive to fight. He is not motivated by love of Vekta, love of the army or a love of freedom. Despite this lack of higher ideals, and despite the constant griping and cynicism for which he is famous, he possesses a seemingly indestructible spirit .

    Alpha Team: Dante Garza,
    Alpha Team: Dante Garza, "Sev" Tomas Sevchenko, Shawn Natko, Rico Velasquez

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