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    Shego is a evil villain from the Kim Possible games, She has the power to shoot out energy beams from her hands. Shego works with Dr. Drakken.

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    History and Career

     Shego is a super villain that works with Dr. Drakken. In her early life she was not always bad, she had a older brother and some little brothers. However, when a alien rock fell from the sky it gave her and the family super powers. She had the power to shoot green energy beams from her hands. When the whole entire family decided to use their powers to help man kind, they needed a team name. Shego suggested that they become "Team Go." In later years, the more the team fought evil, the more Shego started to like it. So eventually she left the team. Shego then met Dr. Drakken which they both share a hate/friendship relationship towards each other. Drakken considers Shego as a henchman, but she has many times been smarter that Drakken himself. Shego and Kim are considered to be the "two sides of a coin." The reason shego won't kill Kim possible is unexplained, but Kim has many times said that Shego is her dark twin.

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