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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1995

    A first person tank shooter with a heavy hip-hop influence.

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    Shellshock is a tank shooter that was developed by Core Design for PlayStation, Saturn and DOS. The game plays like a standard first person tank shooter, in the vain of Battlezone. The player controls an M-13 Predator tank, with an assortment of upgrades available for purchase in later missions. The game has 25 missions, with players earning money for their performance which can go into buying upgrades for their tank. The game is not in the simulation style, as the tank can take many hits and has infinite ammo. The game's theme is influenced by mid 90s hip hop. This manifests itself in the hip-hop soundtrack and styling of the characters. The headquarters of the militia force the player works with even has its own basketball court.


    The player is recruited by a mercenary force called Da Wardenz as a tank pilot. They fight through various conflicts around the world, with the main goal of seeking justice from the government which left them to die in a past encounter.


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